What's New with Airreview

A few of you have been asking for monthly updates, with what I've been putting on these pages. So here you go: this is what I've updated lately.

17th Oct 2016

I'm having a round of going around the A350s at the moment. Just finished the Finnair A350 Seatmap, although I've got to say, walking around the plane at 3am in Helsinki and taking photos of every seat gets a lot of attention!

27th Sept 2016

Brand new aircraft - finished the Cathay Pacific A350 Seatmap after 4 flights on the lovely plane, and now have photos of every seat!

20th Sept 2016

I've added some more lounges to Los Angeles Airport: Qantas First Lounge LAX, oneworld Business Lounge LAX, American Airlines Admirals Club
Minneapolis: Delta Skyclub MSP C, Delta Skyclub MSP C, United Club MSP
Bangkok Airport: Cathay Pacific Lounge BKK, Louis Tavern Lounge Concourse F BKK
Helsinki: Finnair Premium Lounge
Hong Kong Airport: Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge, Pier First Class Lounge, Qantas lounge / BA lounge HKG,
Dublin: DAA lounge Terminal 1, DAA lounge T2, Etihad lounge
Sydney: Etihad Lounge, Star Alliance Lounge, Skyteam.

25th March 2015

To add to the Qatar Airways Reviews I've also added a new seatmap: this time of the Qatar Airways A330 Seatmap.

5th Feb 2015

New review of a new airline: Qatar Airways Reviews. I've been so busy with the news and lounge site, it's taken me months to get the photos up here - my appologies.

1st Dec 2014

I've revamped the news site, which is now a fully responsive design, and looks great on mobile devices. Its at Lux-Traveller.I've also culled a lot of the older news stories, which date back to 2001, when LuxTraveller and launched!

21st May 2014

It's my sad task today top shut down part of the site today: theflyerhub is no more. This part of the site was where passengers could chat, discuss their flights, and ask questions. Alas, despite heavy promotion, it never really 'took off' as it were. Sigh.

19th May 2014

New review of a new airline: Fiji Airways Reviews.

12th May 2014

'Where have you been for the past six months?' one of my regular readers asked. I'll tell you where - on another trip around airline lounges. I've now completed about half of them for Loungeindex, which is growing from strength to strength, with (even if I do asy it myself) the best guide to airports and airline lounges anywhere. I haven't stopped flying - oh no, I've been on more planes if anything. And I have several more airlines to update on the system, and several new ones (Air France? Alitalia?) to put on there. And I've booked myself on Qatar, Malaysian, Cathay, and Turkish shortly, so more updates from there. It really is never ending.

15th November 2013

It's taken a while, but I'm now fleshing out the Alaska Airlines Reviews; with Seattle Boardroom Lounges and meal pictures and everything.

5th November 2013

Many people have asked me to update it (including a man from Finnair itself), and now I've finally got around to it - there is now a fully updated Finnair Review, which also includes details of the Finnair Helsinki Lounges.

2nd October 2013

I've been off flying around the world again - hence no updates for the past month. But now I've got around to Singapore and upated the Singapore Qantasclub and the photogallery plus the (soon to close) Singapore British Airways Lounge and a rather pointless photogallery considering it will close at the end of the month.

2nd September 2013

At last I've achieved a goal of getting back into Club World. This is actually harder than you might imagine, considering each time I've booked into Club World I've been upgraded to First, and the last time I had a real, genuine, club world, flight was several years ago. So, I've added to the BA inflight Food and the BA Club World Amenity Kit.

10th July 2013

Yet another seatmap: this time of a favourite plane, the Air Canada 777 seatmap. I love this plane on the amazing 17 hour trek over the Pacific from Sydney to Vancouver: the inflight bar is a well known friend. And yet that's it for seatmaps for a while. I need to get back to the basic reviews, and then the lounges, which I've niglected for a while. I still have more to go though, with the new layout QF A380, the new layout SQ A380, larger model EK A380, LH A380, UA 747, QF 747 and NZ 747 all ready with pictures loaded. I just haven't had time to code 'em yet!

1st July 2013

Another day, another seatmap, this time the Swiss Air A330 seatmap. It is of a plane I never expected to be on. I booked onto the LH A380 to get the Lufthansa A380 seatmap off pat: that flight was cancelled, and I unexpectedly ended up on Swissair!

24th June 2013

Ow - this one was painful Seat plans now for Etihad with the Etihad A330 seatmap and the Etihad A340 seatmap. I don't know why this took solong - I started codeing it up at Christmas, but got diverted into bug spotting for IE10 - and IE7! Yes, a lot of readers still use it, and the hover-box didn't work perfectly in either. And then there was the thorny question of borders around filled in tables with backgrounds in IE8. Thankfully got that one done, but I need a break for a while.

14th May 2013

Long time - no speak! I've been here, but what with being around the world again and flying I just haven't had time to update much, other than the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses - and the whole Virgin Atlantic Review section too! Now all live.

16th March 2013

I'm just about to nip off to the UK for a while, but in the meantime I've put in the basics of the Etihad Reviews.

14th Feb 2013

Another day - another airline. One I've been on quite a bit since 2009, and now have Gold status with too, but which I've never got around to writing up, yet. It's time for the Virgin Australia Reviews.

4th Feb 2013

I'm getting more and more requests along the lines of:
> Surprised the one airline not in your list is American Airlines. Just curious why?
Simple - I haven't got around to it yet! I've had quiet a few trips in the past few months on AA - and racks of pictures - but SriLankan Airlines, Scoot, Virgin Australia, Etihad, Aegean, and Alitalia are currently written and waiting to load - and then I've got the seatmaps of everything from Air Canada 777s to United 747s (yuck! Horrible plane!) and then I'll head back to write AA, and Air France - plus of course update Finnair, Malaysian, and KLM, which are badly out of date. Although I have spent far too long this month in both the Flagship Lounge in LHR and ORD: Check out the reviews on the sister site Loungeindex. I'm getting there - but this is turning more and more a full time job!

21th Jan 2013

Another day, another airline: this time it's decidedly offbeat, with a SriLankan Airways Review. With amazingly cheap business class fares from Asia (£612 from Bangkok to Heathrow in Business?! Yep: but watch those long long hours connecting in the hut at Colombo!). Also, you can see what I've been doing with the screen layout. I've finally given up on allowing my screen size to 'float' to the window size, but I didn't want it to just be fixed in a table like everyone else: so I've made it 'snap to three defined sizes, with the three major screen layouts.

17th Jan 2013

Yet another seatmap - and now for one I can recommend actively avoiding. The horrible Emirates 777-300 seatmap is now online: and you can see just why you should avoid it! 3-4-3 seating in economy is definately a step back. What you won't see is some major changes to the code 'under the hood'. It was all falling over in IE8, so I've changed much of the guts from old HTML1 to HTML5ish but not quite.

17th December 2012

A seat map now for an aircraft that doesn't yet exist. It is the British Airways A380 seat map. I've seen two variants of this: the seat plan that BA have published and sent out to the media, and one from airbus which is slightly more detailed: the two aren't quite the same so I've had to make so compromises.

5th November 2012

More an add-on than a new site. For Loungeindex I wanted to add live flight departure times: so that when you head to the airport, you can see if your flight is on time, and how much time you would have in the lounge. Well, now I've added that bit, with the Flight status pages, Livearrivals, which links neatly into the tabs in Loungeindex. (and, incidentally, I'm amazed that noone has registed so far - I digress).

12th Oct 2012

At last, another seat map! It is the Air New Zealand 777 seat plan of the Boeing 777-200. Would you believe on this plane after wandering around taking photos, I got marched to the back of the plane and asked to explain myself by the cabin crew! Well, it was worth the pictures, and ALL the flights, SYD-AKL and back quite a few times, AKL-RAR, AKL-NRT, you name it: I've finally got pics of all the seats.

1st July 2012

Ok, it's now in soft-launch mode! Aiport Lounges, the Loungeindex! It's struck me that there isn't a single, up to date place, with all the airport and airline lounges in the world, indexed and reviewed. For the past 2 years I've been taking pictures and videos of them, and now... here they are! I'll be adding lounges I have the data on for months to come...

1st May 2012

Another review, of another: Delta Air Lines. I know it's one 'you lot' out there on the interweb have wanted for quite some time - I've been getting a lot of 404s from readers trying to go to the directory directly, when it doesn't, of course, yet exist. Now it does, but sadly due to me having to bounce a BNA-ATL-ORD-MSP into a direct BNA-MSP, I've missed out on racks of lounges. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back to the US on a lounge run. Next up, AA, then Alaska, Virgin Australia, and ... ummm... Sri Lankan Airlines. When I get a moment.

20th April 2012

Another new place for what d'kids call User Generated Content - or UGC. That's a place to talk about flights for you an me. After the months I spent coding up the review section, I couldn't be bothered to write my own Forum code, so instead you'll find it at I'll give it 3 months to see if it is really working: I'm not convinced myself, but the YourReviews section is doing better than expected, so it does look as if you, dear reader, do want a place to talk over the latest crisps on airplanes saga...

26th March 2012

Time for another review of a complete new airline: Virgin America. And, here's the rare thing, I can't find wrong with it. OK, it's not a full service carrier, but First is great, and it puts all the other airlines in the USA to shame. Virgin has nice new planes, a clear ticketing structure, seats to die for, and even free food in First on short hops. What else could you want?

23rd March 2012

I took a week out to define some more airline seatmaps, after spending way way way too long at the back - and front - of BA's various Boeing 777s. And - hurrah! - I've got 4 more aircraft, with pictures of every seat. There is the British Airways seat map for the Boeing 777 4 class with 12 of the new-style First Class seats, Boeing 777 4 class with 14 First Class seats, and 17 First Class seats, plus the three class 48 J version.

1st March 2012

At Airreview I've prided myself over the past ten years on just giving balanced reviews on exactly what an airline offers. With an independent overview of many airlines, I can give an in depth analysis that other review sites can't. However, many passengers have asked to be allowed to contribute their own thoughts on the airlines I review: and so, here is your chance. On the United and the US Airlines pages as a test, I've put a place where you can put your own review of how your trip was.
Check out the passenger reviews on United Airlines and US Airways.

14th Feb 2012

I'm making some slight tweaks to the format of the pages, so appologies if it sometimes goes skew-wiff, but it should have a long term advatange in the end. The major change is that the top buttons - the ones with the sub-pages for each airline - will now be loaded three times: as a plain anchor, then with CCS to make them look pretty, and then finally with the proper drop-down javascript. Why? It makes it load faster, but while it is loading, it looks normal. That's along with a whole host of tweaks, such as adding the stars to the indexed review so it looks pretty, a sub-sub menu for all the lounges, consistent bottom buttoms for Facebook and Google+, and... something I've been working on since November with passenger rankings. Watch this space...

10th Feb 2012

It really needed - I badly needed to update the United Airlines reviews, which is now a very different beast after the merger with Continental Airlines. All now up, and on the site, including a vast number of lounges, such as: Chicago San Francisco Hong Kong Tokyo Newark LaGuardia Philadelphia Las Vegas Minneapolis Denver Seattle and Melbourne.

6th Jan 2012

Many more details of Air New Zealand with more photos, meal details, and much more information on the Virgin Australia alliance.

4th Jan 2012

Added a full photogallery of the great new The Emirates Lounge Auckland.

2nd Jan 2012

Lots more Emirates flights, and many more details, include full seat, Fleet and Lounge details.

1st Jan 2012

Merry new year! I've been on Emirates a lot - again - and yet again, I've not been able to take photos of most of the meals. So, despite a rack of flights in premium classes, all I have to show for it are photos of the interior of the A380. However, I've put those to good use, and added them to the Emirates A380 Seating Plan.

12th Dec 2011

Finally, another airline, and its a biggie this time, even if their international routes are rather scarce. It's US Airways, and while they may be pretty miserable in parts, they do offer a way to get around the United States that isn't United, and many of us like them just for that. You can probably tell it's not my favourite airline, particularly seeing the state of the lounges. in I have of course added details of the US Airways clubs at the three hubs of Charlotte, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

25th Nov 2011

Loads more food and drink pictures, plus more images in the seats in all cabins for Qantas and British Airways.

18th Nov 2011

Yet lounges, this time for Qantas, with that much awaited opus, the Sydney Business Class lounge, a lounge I've been trying to visit for almost 10 years. Naturally this is linked into the BA and Cathay pages, as they use that lounge too.

17th Nov 2011

More lounges, this time for Cathay Pacific, with both of the great new London Heathrow lounges, First and Business Class, including Photo Galleries. Plus, the Singapore Skyview Lounge, also with Photo Galleries.

9th Nov 2011

Another massive loads of flights, and loads more updates and new lounges. Starting off with British Airways, there is a lounge I've been trying to get to since it opened. I'm talking about the British Airways Concorde Room, which is the first lounge I've ever given 10 out of 10. I've also done the usual British Airways Concorde Room photo gallery. I've also been around and about, popping over to Chicago and checking the British Airways Chicago First Class lounge, with Chicago First Class lounge photo gallery. and I've done the same for the British Airways Chicago Business Class lounge, with Chicago Business Class lounge photo gallery. Plus, a bit of an oddball. I've nipped over to Dubai, so you have British Airways Dubai lounge, with Chicago Dubai lounge photo gallery.

18th Oct 2011

An update of Qantas including a revitalised Adelaide QantasClub Lounge review & pictures, more pictures of the Sydney Business lounge and moving Qantas to v3.11.

1st Oct 2011

Think I've been quiet? Oh no... I've been working on another project. A search engine for Star Alliance redemption flights, so I can work out where to spend the stack of miles I've been racking up. It's designed for mobile browsing, and I've finally got the beta version up and running and on the net. Oddly, launched at the Adelaide Qantas Club. Check out Seatwolf, and please send me bug reports.

24th Sept 2011

With the sad demise of Air South West, I've been forced onto FlyBE more often than I'd like. As a result I've updated the review, and moved the review into the new v3.11 format.

12th Sept 2011

It's been a long time, but I've finally got some more Emirates flights under my belt, and I can finally update the review and move to v3.11.

30th August 2011

Now that the Turkish Airlines review is there, I've slightly tweaked the page appearance. Lots of changes to the CSS, including...
v3.1: Read more added to the index
v3.2: added redirect for old Hash tags on index to correct sub pages
v3.3: Magazine moved to IFE section - it is after all entertainment!
v3.4: IFE & Lounge & Frequent flyer breadcrumbs with added 2 segments because Google often drops the bottom segment
v3.5: Read more about IFE added to fleet page.
v3.6: Standardise hash tags: Lounges: just use the TLA, and for Aircraft: just use 3 letters
v3.7: Major change to the ADD THIS bar below the breadcumbs. Removed the facility to Email yourself the review (it's confusing to some readers), added the plus one button (but why doesn't it work in IE8?!) and a google translate bar.
v3.8: Full redirect to mobile site form all pages
v3.9: Proper non-Java menu now displayed: 18% of my readers have no Java... odd, but I've now got a menu bar that looks normal for those without...
v3.10: Bottom Buttons now contained in once place, the ZZZ Menus (and some page buttons need a BR after them); goodness kwows why I left them so long in the airline sub page. Removed quite a lot that aren't going well, and added counters to FB, Twitter and Googleplusone.
v3.11: Changed the bottom button to a dark blue outline: it seems many people didn't see it was there.

30th August 2011

Turkish Airlines review is now live, after a lot of agonising about them. I'd really like to like the airline, I really would. And their hard product is great. Its such a shame though that it all collapses in a screaming heap when anything goes wrong.

22nd August 2011

Would you believe that the iPhone doesn't know about the CSS Arial Narrow, and it all comes out in Times New Roman?! Mobile PHP CSS tweaked to allow for this oddball...

17th August 2011

Hurrah! The mobile site is now up an operational! After far too long thinking I really should develop a mobile version of the site, I've finally coded up the PHP to come up with not one, but two mobile versions; one for dumb phones, and one for smart (but still small screen) phones. It's a simple bit of PHP to just scrape the site, strip out the guts and spit out raw text for the basic dumb phone version, but slightly more complicated for the 'tablet' version, which has to interpret all my links and images, and resize them according to the screen size of the mobile you are browsing from. The ultra-low graphics index is here, while the moderate graphics version is here. Of course I've stuck to the conventions with a mobile sub domain, and you can access all the pages directly, for example, here is the Qantas Fleet page in tablet form.

13th August 2011

Oooops. Found a bug in the seatmaps where I'd accidentally loaded up the wrong index file, and it's sat there for a couple of months at a page noone should get to. Alas, it's even been indexed with a huge pagerank at Google, leading to a bunch of 404 errors. Now fixed; my appologies for this.

12th August 2011

Added more details of seats, after a trip on the upper deck of a 747 belonging to Qantas, plus another 747 on Air New Zealand.

8th August 2011

More updates of miserable lounges which I go to - so you know not to bother with, including the British Airways Nice Lounge.

1st August 2011

Now added the latest amenity kits pictures and reviews plus some more pictures of the first and business class seats to Qantas, Air New Zealand and Air Canada.

22nd July 2011

Now moved into the new v3.5 format: Lufthansa, and Thai Airways. Including New Menus, added reas more A link to index & Fleet page, added redirect for old Hash tags on index to correct sub pages, Magazines moved to IFE section, and IFE & Lounge breadcrumbs with added 2 segments.

17th July 2011

More updates of lounges, including a quick revamp of Qantas, and many photos of the new QantasClub in Hong Kong.

15th July 2011

More on Cathay, including all the pictures of the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Lounge, with the
the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Wing, the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Pier, the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Cabin and the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Gate 16 lounge.

14th July 2011

Various updates of odd, miscellaneous lounges which Iíve tripped over on my travels, including the British Airways Istanbul Lounge, and all the pictures for Cathay Pacific, including the long awaited opus of the Cathay Pacific Melbourne Lounge.

30th June 2011

Now onto the Austrian Airlines lounges. Itís sad being there, as each time Iíve been to Vienna before Iíve been heading off to Australia on Lauda Air, which no longer exists, and Austrian has become all Lufthansa in the meantime too. So, that means a vast change to the Austrian Airlines reviews which are now in v3.1, and of course there are all the pictures of the Austrian Airlines lounges, both on the Schengen side with the Senator lounges and the Business lounges And on the on the International East side Vienna Airport with the Senator lounges and the Business lounges.

24th June 2011

Funny, Iíve been a Gold member of the bmi Diamond Club for a decade now, and yet in all this time I havenít yet made into the Great British Lounge. It is, in a word, great. Iíve moved the bmi reviews over to v3.1, and of course included full details of the London Heathrow Great British Lounge.

20th June 2011

Next new set of lounges with Air Canada now has the great Montreal International Lounge, the Montreal Domestic Lounge and the Air Canada London Heathrow Arrivals Lounge

Iíve also moved into the v3.1 menus, adding read more tags to the index.

13th June 2011

First batch of lounges is online. Air New Zealand has got an update with the fantastic Melbourne Koru Club, the Eva Air lounge in San Francisco.

10th June 2011

Iím working my way through lounges. Initially, Iím just doing the main international ones before heading into doing the daunting task of doing the US domestic ones (which were pretty miserable anyway) plus the amenity kits, seats, food, and then finally doing the seatmaps, and the larger lounge pictures. Bear with me.

7th June 2011

Goodness, itís been a busy month.

Not content with flying around the world in a mixture of biz, first, and cattle, Iíve got a vast rack of notes to write up from my brief RTW in 14 days taking in SYD-MEL-AKL-SFO-LAS-PHX-MSP-SEA-LAX-SFO-LAS-ERW ¶LGA-YUL-LHR ¶ LGW-NQY-LGW ¶LHR-VIE-IST-HKG-SYD. It got to the stage where I was at Hong Kong, and I just couldnít be bothered to get on another plane.

Anyhow Iím making inroads into the vast amount of material Iíve gathered, and it should all be online in a few weeks. Click here to go to website

17th May 2011

Now with Photo Galleries of the new Iberia Lounges at Barcelona including the Schegen Lounge and Non-Schegen Lounge.

13th May 2011

Exactly the same change, with the new v3 format, to the Iberia Review Overview, with a completely updated lounge section including a full review of the new Barcelona Lounges

7th May 2011

Photo Galleries of, errr, the Galleries! Yes, I've finally uploaded high res images of all the main British Airways Lounges. They include: London Heathrow BA First Class Lounge , London Heathrow BA T5 South Galleries Lounge , London Heathrow BA T5 North Galleries Lounge , London Heathrow BA T5 Satelite Lounge , London Heathrow BA T5 Arrivals Lounge , London Heathrow BA Terminal 3 Lounge , London Gatwick BA Terraces , JFK First Class Lounge , New York JFK British Airways Terraces Lounge .

30th April 2011

Converted the BA pages into the new v3 format, with sub pages per review. Of course the main British Airways Review Overview pages are still there, but I've broke the huge long 48 page review, into sub pages, and cleaned out a lot of the lounges which are no longer open. I've also proved that my memory is failing me: I spent ages converting the old lounge-sub-picture-gallery into the new format with the prettier buttons and the better drop down menu, only to twig that I've already done this for Air Southwest. Oh well... Plus, I took pictures last year of the T5 Satellite Galleries, and of Arrivals, and never put them on! Duh, as the younger generation might say. Lounge photo galleries of all of LHR are coming, just as soon as I get a moment, but I need to get this lot cleared, because I have another vast long trip coming up in a few weeks, taking in 8 airlines, 14 flights and 27 lounges...

21st April 2011

Added the Cathay Pacific A330 (33E) Seat map, which has much more comfortable - and less cofin like - seats in business class.

16th April 2011

Lots more flights, and another review is there: this time it's a major one. Cathay Pacific review and opinons are now online.

And in pretty much a first for me, I've completed the seatmaps at the same time. As a result you can now see the Cathay Pacific A330 Seat map and the Cathay Pacific A340 Seat map, while I work on some others, notably the 747 and the A330 (33E) version.

1st April 2011

For many years I've held out against having other traveller's comments directly on the site, but maybe, just maybe, I need to bring some in? What do you think? Should I join the rest of the crowd in having user reviews, or is it better the way I do it at the moment, with my own comments? Let me know... and if you want them, I'll get to grips with PHP and SQL, and start coding...

1st March 2011

Yes, I've finally got there. The Air Southwest review and opinons section is now online!

It's taken a while - a long while - I initially travelled on this airline back in 2004 to report on the Boscastle Flooding, and I've become a regular traveller on the airline ever since. Now that the airline has finally decided to axes it's mainline route - to London Gatwick - and replace it with an obscure milkrun route to Aberdeen of all places, I thought it was time to finally put the review online!

You'll notice that the review pages are now somewhat different to how they look on the previous reviews. I've finally decided to split the reviews into separate pages, because of the sheer hassle of having such vastly long review pages. There are now small tabs at the top of the page for the subsections, and there is also a Air Southwest read the review in one webpage if you prefer the old format, which dates back to 1998 when I first published reviews, very much back in the era of web 1.0.

Indeed, there are still a couple of pages I haven't moved into the middle version 2 format - with the drop down menu at the top, and no longer in a frame - so this represents version 3 I guess. It certainly looks a lot neater, and it's a lot more Google friendly, not to say also consistent in the layout. The breadcrumb trail is now recognised by Google, and even the table borders don't disappear in IE8 (yes, in IE8 if the table is relative, and the table full of colour, the border vanishes! Wacky!)

There are a whole host of changes behind the scenes. Web pages are now faster loading, thanks to faster drop down menus. Even the share this buttons work, and PDF Online in them will even give a PDF of all the reviews on one webpage you can download, and print - or just hit the print button!

25th Feb 2011

This is turning into a struggle. I've decided I hate firefox. Well, hate is a bit strong, as it is a lovely browser, but trying to get a consistent appearance when I'd using IE quirks to create rounded corners on tabs, for example, mean's I've nearly torn my hair out.

Of course, it's my own fault. I should have coded up the site properly to start with: except, back in 2000 when I kicked off, I just put up four pages, with four reviews, where the only tags were h1, bold, image, and link. Pure web 1.0. And indeed, if you go back, you'll see how the site has progresses as HTML has turned into the vauge delights that is Java and HTML.

I digress, it works now. Ish.

But then along comes IE 8, and 9! And Chrome! and...

One of the tricks I'm trying is to use a bug in IE 6 and 8 to create nice rounded corners using the border property: of course IE 7 has missing borders top and bottom, so I've been forced to admit defeat there, and just use a block.

Another neat trick is to put and image in a table in an Iframe? Why? Well, if the image goes over the side of the screen, then it won't create a scroll bar. Now, as I'm sticking to pure web 1.0, and having my text that fills the screen never mind what size you have your browser window (an odd look, but I like it) I need a banner that always fills the screen, but which won't generate a horizontal scroll bar.

18th Feb 2011

Finally, working buttons that don't, actually, use buttons. Or a 9 grid table to get the rounded courner. Another 3 days of bashing my head against Firefox, and it mostly works there too. Those lovely folks as Google did much of the heavy lifing in Recreating the button to show how to create nice looking buttons using CSS, but they left it only half working, and the differences between browsers has driven me up the all.

Why do I need this... all will be explained.

14th Feb 2011

That's it. I've turned into a coder.
I've been trying to do something simple: load an external HTML file into the body of my pages, which has the advantage of keeping the new menus I've been designing in one external file. No dice. Would you believe there isn't a single example of how to do this on the net, anywhere? Oh, sure, there are a few examples of how to code this if you want just one raw text file loaded into a Div. but I don't. I want the file to load as if it was in the body of my text. Oh, and to work accross all browsers, and not be server side. And for the external HTML to appear in search engines.

Finally, after many false starts, I started working with Ajax, which offered some solution, at least if I wanted it loaded into a div. And then after plenty more hours banging my head on the Java, I finally came up with a solution for IE. Eventually I got it working for Firefox, but only after plenty more tweaking, because cursed Firefox will stay continually loading, with a permanent load bar, if you have a document.write without a document.close. Plus, it will clear the screen if you do a document.write, after the page has finished loading, I needed to find a way to hold up firefox while .open("GET" was running. Eventally False=synchronous was the answer.

1st Feb 2011

Goodness, it's taken me months to get the Emirates A380 Seating Plan online, if only because the few photos I took were hazy, and my notes on the plane are scribbled on a napkin. It doesn't help that Emirates own seatplans are so vague, I've had to rely mostly on memory and Airbus' own plans for this one. I'll take a breather on the seatplans for a few weeks, despite having excellent photos of all of Cathay's seats in all planes, and also a half set of Thai's (747s and A340s - I've lost most of my Thai 777 seatphotos, but at least I have the notes).

16th Jan 2011

Happy new year! I've been flying again - this time with a very very intense session on Cathay Pacific when I've had the chance to try out all classes (several times!) on several different routes. At last Cathay will be on the review books - once I get through the backlog of Virgin Blue trips, and even Air Southwest, plus lounges at T3, T5, bits of Europe, and even... NQY. Now, what would you like first?

4th Dec 2010

Another day, another lounge. This time it's the business class lounge at Sydney Terminal 3 domestic - and very definately not the Qantas Club. Oh no, this is the one you can't buy or status your way into... you'll need a business class ticket. I've added to the Qantas review, and added lounge picture gallery subsections. Qantas lounges added include Sydney Terminal 3 Business Class lounge plus Brisbane Qantas Club and Cairns Qantas Club.

20th Nov 2010

Hurrah! There is another new airline. Bangkok Airways has taken me quite a while to write, but after half a dozen flights I feel I know enough about the "boutique" airline of Bangkok to put the review online.

31st October 2010

Goodness, it's taken a while. I've now finished another seatmap: this time its the Singapore Airlines A380 seatingplan which is fully interactive! I took the photos for this in Toulouse when the aircraft was handed over to Singapore Airlines; my thanks go to SQ for letting me take all the pictures. I just can't believe I've had them all hanging around for a year before I coded up the seatmaps. There are some videos I took too: I couldn't get them in quality, as I was only had one shot at running through the plane to take all the photos, alas. Here are some more and here.

10th Oct 2010

Updated some of the Qantas information that was out of date, such as the new QantasClub prices, miles for upgrades and even the miles to retain silver (good to see them come down!)

20th Sept 2010

I've had a general brush up of some of the out of date info, and put in a redirect so if you find airreview via the old 911mb or even the 110mb pages, you will get a redirect to the proper pages.

10th Sept 2010

Finished - at last! - coding and loading another seatmap: this time its the Qantas A380 seatingplan which is fully interactive: hover over a seat, and it shows you a picture of the seat, with pictures of meals and entertainment! I'm going to have to take a break from seatmaps for a bit however: it's taken months to get this one to work, and I need to work on other things - like a house! - for a while.

26th August 2010

Hurrah! Airreview is TEN years old today! Which has meant... yet another change of IP. But at least the address looks pretty now. OK, ok, going back to 2000 airreview was just a small sub-site of my blog when I wrote the first four pages, and it only gained it's own URL in 2002, with hosting on the excellent site, at White City in Shepherd's Bush. Alas, after it died in 2008 I was forced to migrate to the US, and the very slow and unreliable I'm really fed up of 110mb being down for days while they change a fuse in the server, or give it a kick, or whatever. So... I've now forked out for something that should, hopefully, be a little more reliable. We'll see... Meanwhile, if you bookmark my pages, you'll see that they now work as proper subdirectories. They should now appear in your browser line and are bookmarkable. EG: It's no longer instead its

10th August 2010

Finally finshed loading the lounge picture sub-directories... they are in the Thai and Singapore subsections. Thai lounges include BKK HKG CNX Singapore: HKG BKK SYD United: HKG

1st August 2010

Still updating the Lounge pictures, and I've spent a very long time re-writing the code for the lounge-pictures-sub-pages so they look, um... pretty. There's no extra function, but at least pages like Singapore Airlines Hong Kong Silver Kris lounge look marginally better with a less green index.

18th July 2010

I haven't been idle - infact, I've taken random roundabout flights around Asia to tick off some of the places I've been to before, but in a notorious turn of events, lost all the pictures from in 2008 (yes, I've done F from FRA to HKG and BKK - but have I got the photos to back up the reviews? No I haven't. Thank you BKK...) So, there are now updated lounge photos of SYD, BKK, CNX and HKG, among others. After a pretty hectic run around of 6 lounges in BKK, and 4 in HKG, I'm feeling stuffed, but I've updated the Thai and Singapore pages. Plus, I've travelled in all classes and all aircraft types on Thai, but again, in yet another photo-run-disaster, I've lost all the pictures of the 777 and A300 economy cabin, and of F in the ancient 747 they run up to HKG. Grrrr... I'm most gutted about the loss of the 777: I needed those seat pictures for the seatingplans which are a long time in coming, but trust me, when they arrive, will be worth it...

19th June 2010

Took another quick trip over to Perth, and for once the aircraft scheduling gods looked on me kindly. I got the new A330 with AVOD, so I've updated the Qantas pages with this, and finally got around to taking some more photos of the new Perth Qantas Club, and updated the description. I've even added in a separate box with pictures of the Perth Qantas Club.

5th June 2010

Updated Lufthansa with the new A380 & details of entertainment & luggage allowance.

4th June 2010

Updated Air New Zealand with more details of the Sydney lounge, and added a subsection with larger pictures of it.

3rd June 2010

Another update of bmi; that airline is keeping me on my toes, always changing its routes!

30th May 2010

Hurrah, finally got that update of Emirates online: it's been a while for that one too!

24th May 2010

Hello - it's been a while! I've been tidying up the site, and solving a whole host of typos. Now I've finally got most of it there, and it's time to reveal to the new front menu!

21st Feb 2010

Finally finished putting the new menu layout on the all the reviews, except for EK, UA & BD, which need extensive revisions.

10th Feb 2010

I'm trying an experiment with a new type of front end. Have a look at the work in progress (link no longer active).

21st January 2010

Put Virgin Atlantic into the new format too, and updated the text.

17th January 2010

An update of KLM has also brought in extra lounges, and the new menus.

12th January 2010

Much quicker than I've done it before, I've got Air Malta out of the way after several flights in both cabins.

5th January 2010

It's taken me a month to write it, but the LAN pages are now live, and work on 800, 1024 and 1248 width screens. Also, the top drop down menus I've been working on for a good year are finally here: if only I could have 'em in a IFrame... but no, the content for the top bar has to go in each page. Grrrr...

4th January 2010

Finally completed the firefox-if-ication of the news pages. It's been a long time coming, but with 16% of my readers now using firefox, I thought it was time to get rid of the pesky tables bug (content is centre justified in Firefox by default) the font bug (CSS seem to work in a different way) and the whitespace bug (Firefox adds in whitespace if you put a new line in).

1st January 2010

Welcome. What's new created.