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2.5 Star Rating: OK Thai Airways
Chiang-Mai Lounge
rated 5/10
1.5 Star Rating: Not Recommended Thai Airways
Chiang-Mai Lounge Food
2 Star Rating: Not Recommended Thai Airways
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CNX International side
Open: 0700-2100 for Business & Star Alliance Gold

CNX: Chiang-Mai - Thai Airways - Business Class Lounge review and opinions

Chiang-Mai Thai Airways International Business Class Lounge
Airline reviews > Thai Airways > Lounges > Chiang-Mai > Thai Airways Chiang-Mai International Royal Silk Lounge
The Chiang-Mai Thai Airways lounge is actually pretty good, and one of the best on Thai Airways International network. It has to be – by the time you’ve got to the far end of the long pier at Chiang-Mai Chek Lap Kok airport, you’ll need somewhere for a bit of a rest. The lounge is at the end of the long pier, upstairs, and at the other side of the V shape to United's somewhat poorer offering. It is open to the roof, with great views of the rif-raf below you. Throughout the lounge there are great views of the aeroplanes, and of the sunset over the sea.
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