British Airways Business Class Lounges

NEWS: British Airways is steadily closing lounges at many European destinations, and using the standard contact lounge at these locations, particularly in Germany.Airports without a BA lounge now include the previously excellent BA Dusseldorf Lounge (the Hugo Junkers Lounge is used instead), BA Cologne lounge, BA Frankfurt lounge (the Japan Airlines Sakura or the Cathay lounges are however good), and BA Hamburg lounge (use the Hamburg Airport Plaza lounge), BA Copenhagen lounge (try the CPH Apartment lounge), BA Istanbul lounge (try the very busy Prime Class lounge), BA Vienna lounge (the Jet lounge is now used) and BA Oslo Lounge (the airport OSL is an OK alternative).

British Airways Business Class and First lounges are some of the best of any airline - at least for atmosphere. Get into one, and you won't want to leave - indeed the staff sometimes report that people miss their flights in the cosy world that is a BA Terraces or Galleries Lounge.

BA T1 Terraces lounge sandwiches BA Terraces sandwiches
They are similar to the lobby of a good hotel, with a plentiful supply of drinks (and naturally with a free bar: there are no bar tenders or vouchers needed in a BA lounge), although food can sometimes be a bit lacking), different areas to sit in (quiet and working areas, squashy armchairs and dining tables) great bathrooms, free magazines, and normally with working areas that have computers and internet access.

To access the lounges, you need a Business Class (Club Europe or Club World) ticket, or with Silver or Gold British Airways Executive Club Cards, and their equivalent on oneworld. For domestic lounges you are admitted with a fully flexible domestic ticket. Oddly, you can also buy access to the QantasClub, which is the only way of buying access, without buying a premium cabin ticket.

At three lounges there is a Spa. A delight to enjoy, you can get a 10 minute circulation therapy, a shiatswe massage, a steam and shower suites, and a "face the world" colour bar. They are open to people travelling First, club world and BA Premiers and Golds. Other oneworld emeralds, silvers, and people travelling in club Europe are not entitled to a treatment, however on a Silver card you can normally get access to the showers.

BA have some different themes for their Lounge products:

Galleries Lounges These are the new lounges, with an uprated bar, and trendier seating. These feature a long thin bar with a curved end, over which is some fancy sparkling artwork.

Terraces Lounges These are the old outstation product, and try and resemble a good sitting room mixed with a pleasanty middle class garden in Surrey. There are different areas with sofas to lounge around on, the classic blue tiled curvey bar with a trough for wine and bar stools. And initially most perplexingly, wooden garden chairs on stone floors around fountains. Incongruous, and yet this idea of the outside meeting inside is very calming and works well. Terraces Lounges are open to Club, Oneworld emerald and sapphire passengers, and Qantas club members.

Lounge Pavilions These are the giant lounges at BA's main hubs. A more businesslike lounge, there will be plenty of desks and generally internet access. The World Wine Bar in these lounges is vast, with a dozen or so to try. There may also be a Library and Quiet Area (at LHR and JFK only), plus a free travel spa (longhaul at JFK only). These are slowly being closed.

LHR T5 First Lounge May 2008
LHR Terminal 5 First lounge, the spirit bar

Executive Club These are the old lounges, and are rapidly being replaced. They are rather old and tired, and now little remains of these, although you may still see some signs for these at old outstations.

First. These are the top quality lounges, with vastly better spirits, and often food that is better than the snacks in the Terraces Lounges. Think deep leather armchairs, a full service bar, a canapé service between 1700 and 1900, and bottles of Sparkling Wine. You get the lovely perk of pre-flight dining with waiter service, from LHR (from 8pm), JFK, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, and Boston. The First lounges are open to people travelling first class, Golds, and Oneworld emerald passengers. Oneworld emeralds are allowed one guest.

Concorde Room. Travelling in First? Then at LHR Terminal 5 the Concorde Room awaits. Definitely the elite, the Concorde Room and First lounge have the same snack menu, but booze is slightly better in The Room. The big difference is the pre-flight dining, and it always seems more peaceful. The First lounge can sometimes really get very busy (although when you are at this sort of elite level, another passenger is hassle indeed).

LHR T5 South Galleries Lounge May 2008
LHR Terminal 5 South Galleries, breakfast

Arrivals Lounges. At London Heathrow, Gatwick, and Johannesburg there are arrivals lounges.

LHR T5 South Galleries Lounge May 2008
LHR Terminal 5 Galleries Club South, spirit bar

Around Europe dedicated lounges for BA can be found at Amsterdam (Open 0600-2100), Athens (0530-2030), Berlin (0600-2030), Brussels, Budapest (0730-1600), Dusseldorf (0530-2100), Frankfurt (0600-2230), Geneva (0600-2015), Hamburg (open 0530-2030, no access to Club Europe), Istanbul (0645-1900), Munich, Milan-Malpensa (0600-2000), and Milan-Linate (0600-2000). The Copenhagen and Oslo Terraces lounge have now closed.

In America there are dedicated BA lounges at Atlanta, Barbados, Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York (JFK), Philladelphia, San Francisco and Seattle.

In Africa & Asia BA have dedicated lounges at Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, and Mumbai (Bombay - no opendoor access for Gold members).

British Airways have changed catering contracts for the lounges. Baxterstorey have now taken over supplying food in all UK BA lounges. This has resulted in a severe downgrading of the food available. At London in the Club (Silver) lounge, hot food is no longer available all day. There are just bacon rolls 0500 until 0930, biscuits porridge, toast, croissants and Danish until 12. Until 1500 there are basic 'tray of slops', (Pasta with basil and tomato sauce, Mustard chicken, Beef Bourguinon, Red Thai vegetable curry, and Chilli con carne). These reappear after 1800. In the First (Gold) lounge The made to order menu is far less extensive and the variety of hot food is basic 'gloop' or jacket potatoes.

British Airways First and Business Class Lounges

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Lagos Airport Guide
Lagos British Airways Lounge
The British Airways Lagos lounge is a full service, BA lounge with complementary food and drink, with a great bar. The British Airways Lagos lounge is that rarest of things - an old style Terraces Lounge, which BA have almost eradicated from their network: however, it still exists in all it's glory at Lagos, complete with old style fountain, sun lounges more.

Location: Airside, Left after passport control.
Open: 1730-2230

Singapore - Changi Airport Guide
Singapore Changi British Airways Lounge
NEWS: Renovations of the British Airways lounge at Singapore are complete> The new British Airways Singapore lounge is a delight, a great lounge to experience either as a half-way stopover point to Australia, or on the regular departures back to Heathrow. There is a large and well stocked bar, a good selection of self-serve food, more.

Location: Terminal 1 airside, left after Immigration, up the escalator
Open: 1500-0030

Brussels Airport Guide
Brussels British Airways Galleries Lounge
The newly refurbished Terraces lounge at Brussels airport is designed as a showcase for BA's new lounge concept. And it's gorgeous. Swish, clean, modern, and large enough so it never gets crowded, with great views of the gates where your plane is parked. It may seem surprising that there is even any requirement for a lounge on such a short route (indeed, yo more.

Location: Concourse B, 4th floor
Open: 0600-2200

Munich Airport Guide
Munich British Airways Galleries Lounge
The Munich British Airways Galleries Lounge is not only a rare survivor of a British Airways outstation lounge, but also one of the few that has been fully upgraded to a new Galleries rather than an old Terraces lounge. Finding the BA Lounge Munich is however a tiny bit of a challenge. It is located in the non-Schengen B section of Munich's Terminal 1. more.

Location: Terminal 1, Modul B
Open: 0500-2200

Berlin Tegel Airport Guide
Berlin Tegel British Airways Terraces Lounge
The British Airways Berlin Tegel lounge had a makeover two decades ago, with an expected closure date of 2012. Like everything else about Berlin, this hasn't happened. One of the last BA Terraces style lounges, it is above the main shopping isle of the airport terminal. The terminal itself is a 1960s concrete classic, in a large circle - with checkin more.

Location: Landside, up stairs
Open: 0600-2030 (Sat 1930)

Athens Airport Guide
Athens British Airways Lounge Business Class Lounge
At the remote outpost in Athens it's a delight to find that there is a small but full equipted Terraces. Compared the smoggy overpriced hell that can be the city, its lovely and welcoming. Unusually it's after passport control, and before security. Head all the way down the shopping arcade, and it's after the vast Olympic lounge, and before the Swissp more.

Location: Non-Schengen area, after passport control before security by gate A11

Rome - Fiumicino Airport Guide
Rome Fiumicino British Airways Lounge
Finding the British Airways Rome Lounge is quite easy: after the scrum of security in the basement, head along Terminal 3 walking through the duty free shops, then near the E gates, up to the top floor. The British Airways Rome Business Class Galleries lounge is at the far end, tucked away under the blue sign. A British Airways lounge Rome review will a more.

Location: Terminal 3, E gates, top floor
Open: 0515 - 2030

Amsterdam Airport Guide
Amsterdam British Airways Business Class Lounge
The new British Airways Business Class Amsterdam Lounge is far superior to the previous lounge, with improved lighting, views of the runways, and full height windows along one side, much like the new Galleries lounges at London Heathrow. To get to the British Airways Amsterdam lounge, head to the junction of 'lounges' (IE, airport areas) 2 and 3, and take t more.

Location: Airside, Non-Schengen junction of Lounges 2 and 3
Open: 0530-2130 Sat/Sun 0600-2030

Geneva Airport Guide
Geneva British Airways Lounge
This is a pretty small room which gets very busy during the winter season, and is decorated in the old Terraces style. You enter after security control, and go up the stairs (or escalator) to the upper Mezzanine floor, then down the corridor to the left. As you enter you pass the small smoking room on the left hand side, and the reception desk. The G more.

Location: Mezzanine Level, after security, up stairs, down corridor on right
Open: 0600-2120

Aberdeen Airport Guide
Aberdeen British Airways Lounge
Read the full story here: British Airways open Aberdeen lounge. The Aberdeen British Airways Business Class Lounge is brand new, and delight. It is located within the recently completed extension of the airport. The lounge is the latest of the 'post more.

Location: Airside, up stairs
Open: 0500-2000

Belfast (BHD) Airport Guide
Belfast (BHD) British Airways Lounge
The British Airways Lounge at Belfast City Airport is a pleasant, but small lounge. Revamped in 2014, it is in the airlines almost but not quite latest style, and is a pleasant place to spend a hour before flights. Effectively one long thing rectangle, it's found at the far end of the terminal on the upper floor, down the same corridor as the Aspire lou more.

Location: Airside, at the end of the corridor past Gate A.
Open: 0600

Edinburgh Airport Guide
Edinburgh British Airways Business Class Lounge
The Edinburgh Business Class lounge is large, light bright and open, and features new style seating, a bistro and coffee area; well stocked complimentary bar; business suite wifi and air printing. The BA Edinburgh lounge is very much a new-style Galleries lounge, and identical (expect for the Whisky bar) with its Glasgow counterpart. You approach it af more.

Location: Airside, left after security
Open: 0430-2130

Glasgow Airport Guide
Glasgow British Airways Lounge
The result is an excellent new lounge for up to 150 passengers, featuring a whisky snug, large seating areas, computer areas, decent catering and a large supply of food, soft drinks and alcohol. Working with luxury brand partner Pernod Ricard the company Graven created a series of smaller social spaces that support customerÂ's needs to work, more.

Location: Airside
Open: 0530-2200

London - Gatwick Airport Guide
London Gatwick British Airways Business Class Lounge
Finding the British Airways lounges at Gatwick is however a right pain. Once you are through security, don't take the escalators taking you down, which take you to the duty free shop. Instead, stay on the same level, through the small hidden corridor with the small sign saying 'Lounges, wheelchairs only'. This takes you straight to the main de more.

Location: South Terminal, airside, on balcony
Open: 0515-2200

London Gatwick British Airways First Lounge
The London Gatwick British Airways First Class lounge is both a delight, and a bit of an anomaly. Appropriately, just turn left after the reception desk after walking down the miles of corridors, after the lifts. The First Class British Airways Gatwick lounge is quite small, with just four rooms, and indeed just one main central room overlooking the more.

Location: South Terminal, airside, turn left
Open: 0700-2000

London - Heathrow Airport Guide
London Heathrow British Airways Concorde Room
If you are flying in First Class from Heathrow Terminal 5, oddly, you don't want to head to the First Class lounge. That lounge is designed for oneworld Emeralds - although you can head here if you wish. Instead, the elite of the elites go to the Concorde Room. If you are flying in First Class from Heathrow Terminal 5, oddly, you don't want to head to more.

Location: T5, Airside, South complex, separate entrance to right of south security
Open: 0500-2230

London Heathrow British Airways Arrivals Lounge
At London Heathrow, British Airways have an Arrivals lounge in Terminal 5. This is very welcome if you've come from a long-haul flight, as it give you a chance for a wash and a feed before heading onto the tube back to the office. However, it is very small, and access is very tightly controlled. To get to the lounge once through customs turn left, and g more.

Location: T5, Landside after customs
Open: 0500-1400 only

London Heathrow London Heathrow British Airways Terminal 3 Galleries Club Lounge
The British Airways London Heathrow Terminal 3 lounge at LHR T3 is for Business Class and oneworld Sapphire, plus Silver card holders. It is certainly not the best BA lounge at LHR, but then there are no less then four other oneworld lounges in Terminal 3, with British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and American Airlines all having lounges. You can spend more.

Location: T3, Zone F, towards Gates 13 - 22
Open: 0500-2330

London Heathrow British Airways Lounge T5B Satellite
The British Airways Terminal 5B Satellite lounge has always had a bit of a lost at the end of a long terminal feel, a pit stop before the main event: the flight. The Terminal 5 Satellite is a combined Galleries Club and First Class lounge in one, but there are few first class facilities except for the excellent spirit selection, and slightly uprated se more.

Location: T5 Satellite B, Airside, Top level
Open: 0500-2230

London Heathrow British Airways Lounge T5 North
The British Airways Galleries Club North lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5A is found, appropriately, at the other end of the terminal from the Galleries Club South. But your first task is actually to find it: if you are on the ground floor, you need to take the lift upstairs, and then find the small door on the right: signposting is particularly poor. more.

Location: Terminal 5, airside, North
Open: 0500-2230

London Heathrow British Airways Lounge T5 South
The British Airways Galleries Club South lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is found up the escalators from the intermediate Spa and First level. Turn right and you'll go through the ticket o more.

Location: T5, Airside, South, Top level
Open: 0500-2230

London Heathrow British Airways First Lounge T3
There are both Business Class (Galleries Club World) and First lounges in the British Airways outpost at London Heathrow Terminal 3. Indeed, lounge facilities are large and quite spreading, which is odd considering how few BA flights leave from Terminal 3 (and indeed, shortly none, when the new Terminal 5 satellite is complete). However BA also provide lo more.

Location: T3, Zone F, towards Gates 13 - 22
Open: 0500-2330

London Heathrow British Airways Galleries First Lounge
The British Airways First Class lounge Heathrow Terminal 5 itself is on the lower level of the lounge complex, at the South side of the building. There are twin desks as you go in - and then you pass the two famous statues of the "horse with the lamp". If you need to know what this is, you have not got a First Class ticket. The lounge is lovely. It is u more.

Location: T5, Airside, South complex, up escalators from ground floor
Open: 0500-2230

Manchester Ringway Airport Guide
Manchester Ringway British Airways Lounge
The Manchester British Airways Lounge is a bit of an oddity in the British Airways lounge network, and that it survives at all is both a surprise, and also down to the railways. For a start, the Manchester British Airways Lounge is an old Terraces style lounge: this design was rolled out in 1998 and the then vast lounge in Manchester was actually the sh more.

Location: Terminal 3, up stairs near central rotunda
Open: 0500-2000

Vancouver Airport Guide
Vancouver British Airways Lounge
There are both Business Class and First Class British Airways Vancouver Lounges. They are either a welcome oasis, or a small pokey box, depending on when you arrive. However, with just one flight a day, and the lounge open for only three hours a day, it can be a fight to get access to a rather crowded lounge. Arrive, and leave early, if you want to see what more.

Location: Airside, International Pier D by gate D64
Open: 1600-2030

Philadelphia Airport Guide
Philadelphia British Airways Galleries
The superb Philadelphia British Airways lounge is a small gem at the otherwise rather dilapidated Philadelphia airport. Compact and bijou, the British Airways lounge wins every time over the tired American or Delta facilities. There is great food, a good dining area, a very nice bar, and a convivial atmosphere. There is a separate First Class are, with pr more.

Location: Airside, terminal A West
Open: 0700-1000(Qatar only) 1500-2200
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British Airways Lounges
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