Qantas Business Class Lounges

Qantas have a large network of lounges, at both international and domestic airports.

Domestically, the lounge system has recently changed, so that now there are two types of lounges. There are the normal Domestic Qantas Club lounges for which you need to pay for membership of the QantasClub, or a Gold Qantas Frequent Flyer membership card. There are also the new Domestic Business Class Lounges, which you can access on a Business Class ticket, or with a Platinum Frequent Flier member card (or oneWorld Emerald). Previously there was no access with any Business Class ticket: a strange oversight, and this is is a very welcome change, which will align the domestic Business access policy with international Business where customers are able to access the Business Lounge. However customers in Business Class will not be able to invite a guest into the Qantas Club with them. Qantas Club members can.

Change is afoot in the domestic Qantas Clubs. As a result of the change of adding a business class section, all Qantas Clubs will now start serving alcohol at 2pm, as opposed to the previous Noon opening time. This in turn is a change from the 1pm bar start in 2005, when business class passengers were finally admitted to the lounges.

Qantas 717 at Hobart April 2004 Qantas 717 at Hobart

International lounges are similarly split between Business Class and First Class, and you can either get in with membership of the QantasClub, a Saphire oneWorld Frequent Flyer card, Emerald oneWorld (for the First lounges), or if you are flying business or First class.

Becoming a member of the QantasClub is a complicated business - you can join either as an individual, as a partner of someone who is a member, or as a corporate member (if your company pays), all at different prices. The price you then pay is also dependent on whether you live in Australia, and if you then pay income tax down under. Special discounts also apply for silver Frequentflyer members. Membership lasts a year (or two or four years if you buy a long sequence of them), and renewing membership then qualifies for another discount. As the table on the right shows, a dedicated quote may be required.

QantasClub business class lounge Sydney T3, wine selection Nov 2009
QantasClub the wine selection in Sydney

If you are a Sliver Frequentflyer member, you get one invite to the lounges for free with your welcome pack. Gold Frequentflyer members get free membership for a year.

Qantas Melbourne Domestic April 2004 QantasClub Melbourne Domestic
Getting a guest into the lounge used to involve complicated Guest Membership passes, of which a changing number were allocated according to your membership level. Now however there is a limit of one guest per member per visit in international QantasClub lounges, joint Qantas/British Airways, and partner airline lounges. If you are a Platinum Frequentflyer member you can bring in two guests into domestic lounges, even if they are not travelling.

Jetstar flights are a weird one. If you are on a Qantas codeshare you always get in if you would have got in on a normal Qantas flight. If you are on a pure Jetstar booking, you can also get access to the lounges if you are a member of the QantasClub, or Gold or Silver with Qantas Frequent Flyer. Gold with British Airways also lets you in, and is an unadvertised benefit, but this, and other frequent flyer tiers, can give a lot of problems getting access. The rules aren't published on any website, but it is on the clue-cards that the lounge staff have at reception.

Qantas Sydney T3 QantasClub April 2007 QantasClub Sydney T3, central area

Being a member of the QantasClub is also a great way to get into the British Airways lounges (Terraces and Executive Club lounges), American Airlines (Admirals Club) lounges and US Airways (Club) lounges. You will automatically get in even if you are travelling economy. As BA do not sell access, this is the only way of getting in by paying up front. You can not, however, get into the Oneworld lounges on other Oneworld partner flights unless the flight is a Qantas codeshare (for Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Qantas and LanChile).

Qantas Melbourne Domestic April 2004 QantasClub Melbourne Domestic

Outside of Australia, Qantas mainly use partner lounges. In London its the British Airways Terraces lounge (Terminal 3), while Frankfurt has the Delta Airlines Crown Room Club (by gate D8).

There is a dedicated QantasClub lounge in Bangkok (Terminal 2, near Gates 51 - 56, open 1300 to 2400), a shared Qantas and British Airways lounge in Singapore (Terminal 1), and a brand new Qantas Club at Hong Kong (Level 7) while Tokyo uses the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge (by gate 61).

Qantas Sydney T3 QantasClub April 2007 QantasClub Sydney T3 Domestic, the quiet area

Honolulu amazingly has its own dedicated QantasClub (Airside, EWA Concourse, above Gate 26 open 2100 to 0130), while in New York there is the very good British Airways Terraces lounge (above Departures).

In Los Angeles Qantas operates from two terminals: Terminal 4 and Tom Bradley International Terminal. If you depart from Terminal 4 then there is a joint Qantas Club and Admiral's Club there which will accept Qantas Passengers (and, indeed, they setup a Qantas desk in the lounge when there's an imminent QF departure from T4). At Tom Bradley International (TBIT) there is no Qantas Club but a combined oneworld lounge shared by Qantas, BA and Cathay Pacific (5th Floor), and access here can be trickier without the right oneworld status. Conversely there is free alcohol and Sparkling Wine in TBIT, but in the Admiral's Club in Terminal 4 at LAX collect some vouchers at the desk if you plan to have a drink. You can go airside between the 2 terminals, so you can make up your mind, but they tend to get sniffy if you want to access both lounges. There is also a pay for access lounge landside at TBIT, called the ReLAX lounge, or you can pay for acess into the Admirals Club at US$50.

Nadi is an odd one. The Tabua Club lounge at Nadi used to be a joint Air Fiji Tabua Club & Qantas Club lounge, but Qantas pulled out of this arrangement, so you need to get a complimentary invitation at check in if you are in business, and the usual Qantas Club cards or bronze invitations can't be used on the Fiji codeshare, even if it has a Qantas code.

In Australia there are dedicated International QantasClub lounges at Adelaide (Departures Level, near Gate 2), Brisbane (Level 4), Cairns (Level 1, right of Security), Melbourne (Level 1), Perth (Gate 2), and Sydney (Pier B).

Qantas Lounges

Lounge information from Loungeindex
Hong Kong Airport Guide
Hong Kong Qantas Qantasclub lounge
The new Qantas Hong Kong Lounge is brand new with great facilities, excellent food, and a top notch bar. It is also the British Airways Hong Kong Lounge, although there is no BA branding, nor staff, and indeed most facilities in the lounge shut up shop firmly at 8pm when the sole Qantas flight to Sydney leaves, leaving the Hong Kong BA lounge feeling a bit more.
Location: Airside, top floor, right after security
Open: 1500-2359

Singapore - Changi Airport Guide
Singapore Changi Qantas Singapore Lounge
NEWS: The Qantas Singapore lounges has now been totally rebuilt. Qantas no longer maintains both a First and a Business Class lounge at Singapore, which were joint lounges with British Airways. Instead, BA and Qantas have done the splits: now that Qantas no longer fly onwards from Singapore to London, Qantas has its own Business Cla more.
Location: Terminal 1 airside, left after immigration, up the escalator
Open: 1400-2220 (New times)

Los Angeles Airport Guide
Los Angeles oneworld Business Class Lounge
NEWS: The brand new Qantas Business Class Lounge at Los Angeles is now open. oneworld LAX business class lounge open. The Qantas Business Class at Los Angeles TBIT is many things. It is owned and run by Qantas, and has a distinct Aussie vibe, more.
Location: Airside, TBIT, level 5
Open: 0630-0030

Los Angeles Qantas First Lounge
NEWS: The brand new Qantas First Class Lounge at Los Angeles is now open. Qantas LAX lounge open. The Qantas LAX lounge is the best lounge in LAX, and indeed one of the best lounges on the Qantas network. Indeed, it should be on the list of more.
Location: Airside, TBIT, level 5
Open: 0630-0030

Adelaide Airport Guide
Adelaide Qantasclub
The Adelaide QantasClub is a vast improvement on what went before. It was rebuilt a couple of years ago, and as such is a vast haven of peace and quiet. The lounge has a couple of curiosities: there is no Adelaide Qantas Business Lounge as yet. And so the QantasClub doubles up as the Business section for those up the pointy end: This is odd, as there i more.
Location: Airside, by gate 21 (before International Passport Control)
Open: 0500-2330

Brisbane Airport Guide
Brisbane Qantas International Lounge
The new Brisbane International Lounge can get absolutely packed mid-morning. Finding the lounge is the hardest part. The Brisbane International Qantas Club is found via a very small escalator hidden on the left, once you are past security. Up at the top of the escalator a new double reception desk greets you. Here there is a new art installation call more.
Location: Airside, International, left after security, up escalators
Open: 0630 to 1300

Brisbane Qantas Business Domestic Lounge
To find the Qantas Business Class Domestic Brisbane Lounge, go through the exclusive Lounge Entry channel for Business and Gold / Platinum Frequent Flyers. This has a dedicated check-in area, bag drop, security screening and escalator with direct access to the new Lounge Precinct. The Brisbane Qantas Lounge Precinct itself is a bit of an oddity, with a more.
Location: Airside, domestic, door on left inside Qantasclub
Open: 0630 to 2000

Brisbane Qantas Club Domestic
The Brisbane Domestic QantasClub is another vast lounge with six or seven separate areas, and yet despite it's size this QantasClub can get a bit hectic at times, with hundreds of people milling around, on the phone, or returning to the bar for yet another top up. The entrance is on the main concourse, at it's lefthand (Eastern) end, before the L shaped more.
Location: Airside, domestic terminal, near Gate 22
Open: 0430-2200

Canberra Airport Guide
Canberra Qantas Club Business Class Lounge
The Canberra Qantas Club is one of the best in the country - and one of the largest. This may seem odd for a small, regional airport, but Canberra being the capital has a huge number of high worth passengers almost all civil servants with Qantas Club membership. And hence Canberra justifies its size, with a seating capacity of 482 customers, the second-la more.
Location: Airside, by gate 10, upstairs
Open: 0500-2045

Canberra Qantas Business Class Lounge
NEWS: The new Business Class taco bar is open The new Qantas Business Class Lounge in Canberra is absolutely superb, and one of the best on the network, which really shows what you can do if you have a completely new airport to work with, and not only that, an airport with an unusually high quantity of high-worth Platinum membersn more.
Location: Airside, by gate 11, upstairs
Open: 0500-2045

Cairns Airport Guide
Cairns Qantas Qantasclub Lounge
Just as Cairns Airport is surprisingly large, surprise isn't a sufficient words to express how large the Qantasclub is, and you may be forced to resort to astonishment. It occupies over 1000sqm, and it cost the airline $2.5 million to develop. Well worth it, it is the largest by a long way of any regional airport in Australia, and triple the size of the o more.
Location: Airside, above Gate 16
Open: 0445 to last departure

Hobart Airport Guide
Hobart Qantas Club
NEWS: Renovations of the QantasClub at Hobart are complete, and the Hobart Qantasclub is now accessed after security. Ah, the brand new Hobart Qantasclub lounge. Which looks quite remarkably like the older Qantas Club Hobart, but the door has moved. And that's because it has, and that's pretty much all that has happened in more.
Location: Airside, right after security
Open: 0530-1650 or last QF flight

Melbourne Airport Guide
Melbourne Qantas Business Class Lounge International
NEWS: Renovations of the Qantas International Business Class Lounge at Melbourne are due to start in the next year. The Melbourne Qantas Business Lounge in the International part of the airport is the standard lounge for Qantas Business Class and oneworld Sapphires. It is OK, but somehow not that great. It has a good bar, free foo more.
Location: Airside, after security, Basement Level 1
Open: 0615-2315

Melbourne Qantas First Lounge
The Qantas Melbourne First Class lounge features a restaurant and dining areas with menus created by Neil Perry, spa treatment rooms and showers, a library, business facilities and a concierge service. Designed by internationally renowned Qantas Creative Director Marc Newson, his furniture and lighting create a small and intimate space with low divider wall more.
Location: Airside after security, international, top floor
Open: 0430-1530

Melbourne Qantas Business Class Lounge Domestic
The Melbourne Qantas Business Class Lounge domestic is very much an 'add on' lounge to the Qantas Club - and necessarily so, considering that Qantas have not only recently granted access to the lounges for Business Class passengers, but also have also only just added special lounges for them too. The Melbourne Qantas Business Class Lounge domestic is a ve more.
Location: Airside, entry inside Qantasclub
Open: 0630 to 2300

Melbourne Qantas Club Domestic
The Melbourne Qantas Club is a decent-ish lounge, but has a slightly down at heel edge to it: the lounge was cutting edge a few years back, but after millions of passengers over the past decade and a half, it is now in sore need of a refit. It is also half the lounge it once was, and is now only the third biggest in the country (Canberra is much larger), more.
Location: Airside, up escalator
Open: 0615 to 0115

Perth Airport Guide
Perth Qantas Domestic Business Lounge
NEWS: The brand new Qantas Domestic Business Class Lounge in Perth is now open. Qantas open new Perth Domestic lounge. The new Qantas Business Class lounge at Perth is a welcome development in the old Domestic terminal at Perth Airport. more.
Location: Qantas Domestic terminal, airside, ground floor
Open: 0430-2130

Perth Qantas International Transit Lounge
The Perth Qantas International Transit Terminal 3 lounge has other unique features: the London flight is one of the world's longest; hence, pre-flight dining is major feature. It also has an outdoor terrace, with a barbecue. There is also a yoga studio. A visit here, ahead of the long flight, is special indeed. So special, infact, that if you are standa more.
Location: International wing of the Qantas T3 domestic terminal, near gates 21-25.
Open: 1pm to 2:45pm, 4:45pm to 6:50pm

Perth Qantas International Lounge
The new Qantas Business Class Lounge at Perth International is a modern smart lounge, which for a long time was famous - indeed, notorious - for one unique attribute: it has no Qantas flights that could use it, and instead it was used by its main competitor Virgin Australia, who had flights but no lounge. As the main lounge in the international section, more.
Location: International Terminal, after Security, opposite Gate 2
Open: 1600 last depature

Perth Qantas Club Domestic
The Perth Qantas Club is a modern well equipped lounge, with a pleasant atmosphere and with very good views of the airport and runway. The Perth Qantas Club is right in at the top of the Qantas domestic terminal at the Western Australian Capital. To get to the lounge, after security, aim for the middle of the centre circle, and look for the strange wooden more.
Location: Qantas Domestic Terminal, after security, up escalator
Open: 0430 until last depature

Sydney Airport Guide
Sydney Qantas Business International Lounge
The Qantas Business Class International Sydney Lounge is downstairs from the First Lounge, and somewhat more downmarket. It's for pretty much everyone who isn't in First, and that includes British Airways and Cathay Pacific, and anyone who is Sapphire and above on a oneworld flight. As a result, this place can get packed in early afternoon before the e more.
Location: Airside, Level 4
Open: 0500 - 2200

Sydney Qantas Club Domestic
NEWS: Qantas are now resticting access on arrival. The Domestic Sydney Qantas Club is a huge lounge occupying most of the top floor of Terminal 3 in Sydney. It is vast - one of the largest airline lounges in the world, and it needs to be big - because it gets a vast amount of traffic, most of which is on the shuttles up to Br more.
Location: Terminal 3, Airside, by gate 5, top floor
Open: 0500-2200

Sydney Qantas First Lounge
To find the Qantas First Lounge, once through security take the escalator beside the change counter next to the Oyster bar. Business class is left all the way along the shelf like balcony: the lounge entrance is at the far end, while First Class is on the upper floor, normally at least three lounge dragons carefully vet anyone who tries to come in. You more.
Location: Airside, Pier B, Level 4
Open: 0525-0030

Sydney Qantas Domestic Business Lounge
The Sydney Qantas Domestic Business Class lounge is rather like the normal Qantas Club, but one step beyond. It has one unique selling point: space. And it is well worth while gaining entry because although food and drinks are similar, there is acres more space than in the club, and on a busy Friday night, you'll be grateful. There is a separate entry to more.
Location: Terminal 3, Airside, opposite gate 4, top floor
Open: 0500-2300

Auckland Airport Guide
Auckland Qantas Lounge
There is a full Qantas Club in Auckland International. To get to the area of the airport that has the lounges, after security go past the duty free shops, then up the escalator, right at the sign for VIP Lounges, right up the small rather dowdy corridor, up another escalator and double back on yourself. The lounge opens early to allow for the almost overn more.
Location: Airside, turn right after duty free shop Departures, level 2
Open: 0430-1900 Sat & Sun to 1830

Qantas outstation lounge locations

At outstations where Qantas does not have it's own lounge, it uses other airlines lounges or third party lounges.

Loungeindex has more lounge information.

Shanghai Airport Guide

Shanghai Airport Authority Lounge
When you hear the words Lounge 69, you may get excited. Then you find out that actually, this means the generic Airport Authority lounge, and you will be anything but. In truth, it is better than some other generic lounges, but it still isn£'t any great shakes. It is a classic Generic lounge on a balcony style, of which there are two at Shanghai A more.
Location: By gate 69
Open: 0400-2330

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