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British Airways ORD Lounge 2 Star Rating: OK rating 4/10
Chicago Lounge Food
4 Star Rating: jolly good rating 8/10
Chicago Lounge Drink
3 Star Rating: OK rating 6/10
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Terminal 5, by gate M11 and M12
Open: 1400-2035 for First & Business Class, Gold & Silver Executive Club and oneworld Emerald & Sapphire

ORD: Chicago - British Airways - Business Class Lounge

British Airways Chicago Business Class Lounge. Click here for next image.
After the rush of Chicago, it is a delight to know that there two decent British Airways lounges at the airport, with a separate small First Class lounge. The main Business Class British Airways lounge Chicago ORD is both a welcome retreat, and a dingy hole. The main problem is the lack of natural light: not for nothing is it known to regulars as 'the cave', for that is exactly how it appears, as you walk through a sequence of small underground rooms.
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