Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounges

Cathay Pacific have a fearsome reputation in the airline world for being among the world's best. And indeed they are good, very good, but sometimes it's hard to see what all the hype is about.

Cathay Pacific are however very proud of their lounges, which are very much part of the whole experience, and as such the airline often likes to have its own lounge, even when there are other airline lounges available.

Cathay Pacific The Wing Hong Kong
The Wing Hong Kong Cathay Solus Chair
As such it has its own lounges in London LHR (T3 airside (turn right at SAS lounge): open 0530-2200), Melbourne (T2, First floor, after Customs: open 3 hours before departure,) Bahrain (1700 - 2230 (Tue/Fri/Sun to 0120): Level 3, gate 16), Bangkok (Concourse G, level 2, 0530-1930 (to 0030 Tue/Fri/Sat) although BA lounge is better), Beijing (joint Dragonair and Cathay Pacific Lounge (Terminal 3), open 0530 - 2100), Frankfurt (Terminal 2, open 0600-1400), Kuala Lumpur (open 0700-2300), Paris CDG (Terminal 2A, open 0950-1350 (& 1900-2305 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)), Penang (0600-0800), Seoul (Concourse A, 4F, by gate 118: open 0630-1000, 1215-1520, 1700-2000), San Francisco (0800-1200 and 1930-2330) and Vancouver (1115-1310 & 2000-0205 (extra hour in clock change months)).

Lounge Locations
Hong Kong - Wing
Hong Kong - Pier
Hong Kong - Cabin
Hong Kong - G16
London Heathrow
New York
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Elsewhere, airport or oneWorld lounges are used, such as in New York (British Airways First and Terraces lounge), Los Angeles (oneWorld lounge, level 5) and Toronto (The KLM Crown Lounge of all places).

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong lounges

If you fancy going on a lounge crawl, Hong Kong is the place to do it. You could - if you really have nothing better to do close to one of the world's most active cities - spend all day going around the four main Cathay Pacific lounges at Hong Kong, plus the other two oneWorld lounges at HKIA.
Cathay Pacific The Wing Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific The Wing Hong Kong the new lower level

However reviews of lounges at Hong Kong show that they are all pretty much the same. The Wing and The Pier both have separate First Class sections, showers, and the same food and seating. However the Wing has First Class cabanas (bathrooms with a chaise lounge and bath) and a a "Gamezone" with plenty of electronic toys. The Cabin compliments the Wing, with different food (hot sandwiches, antipasti, and freshly squeezed juice) and a better business centre. If you only have time for one lounge, make it The Cabin. Also lacking a First Class section is the G16 lounge, which is the former Dragonair lounge, offering a Chiu Chow Express noodle cart, but the lounge atmosphere is pretty poor.

Hong Kong The Travelers Lounge Jan 2011
Hong Kong Stuck overnight? The Travelers Lounge bar is 24h

However, when on your lounge crawl remember that the airport is big, and that the concourse shuttle train at HKIA will only move you outwards, and it's a long walk back from the Pier to the Wing.

Alas, there are no oneworld lounges open 24 hours a day at HongKong, so you can't overnight inside the terminal itself, unless you buy admittance to The Travelers Lounge (and while you're there, pop in the missing "l" and apostrophe): at HK$420 for a six hour overnight stay (including bed, shower, and breakfast) it is pricey, but well worth it if you're stuck overnight. The bar is open 24 hours a day too.

Cathay Pacific Lounges

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Hong Kong Airport Guide
Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Deck Lounge
Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific The Deck lounge is to be found down the escalators as you leave the north wing security (the opposite end to Cathay's checkin), then turn to the extreme right (effectively, back on yourself) and then almost all the way to the end of the pier. Then take the escalator opposite from Gate 16, and head to the top 'mezzanine' level. T more.
Location: Airside, upstairs, beside gate 16
Open: 0600-2300

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Arrival Lounge
This tiny box of the Cathay Pacific The Arrival lounge is a great place to freshen up after the long flights from Europe or over the Pacific. It is located in the passageway between Terminals 1 and 2 (after you've gone through passport control and customs). It is quite hard to find: once you exit customs at either the top or bottom of Terminal 1, h more.
Location: Landside, by train station

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge
The lounge is a delight after a year-long renovation, with a home away from home style. It has bar, noodle restaurant, showers and a business centre for travellers stopping over in Hong Kong. The brand new Cathay Pacific the Pier Business Class lounge at Hong Kong is located right at the end of the long 'arm' of the terminal at Hong Kong. It is more.
Location: Airside, level 5, near gate 62-66
Open: 0530-0005

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class Lounge
The Wing Cathay Pacific First Class lounge Hong Kong is one of the world's best airport lounges, bar none. It is really very good indeed. It is also often very busy too, and at these times - often late at night - quality is lost as the lounge descends into a heaving mass of passengers. However the Cathay Pacific First Class Wing lounge, is actually more.
Location: Left after Immigration and Security, Southern Concourse level 7
Open: 0630-0100

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge
The new kid on the block in terms of airline lounge at Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Bridge Lounge is very much the flagship feature lounge at Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok airport, at least in daytime. The lounge is vast - spread over a giant 27,500 square feet - however during the evening it turns into just a long rather dull corridor. It's great i more.
Location: Airside near gate 35
Open: 0530-0030

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific G16 Lounge
The G16 lounge is located in the North concourse, right by Gate 16, and if it looks a bit old, that's because it is, having a past life at the former Dragonair lounge, which has now been taken over by Cathay Pacific. It is a "one lounge" complex, which is a simple way of saying it does not have a separate First Class section, and with food similar to t more.
Location: Airside near gate 16
Open: 0600-0000

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Cabin Lounge
Described by Cathay Pacific as "contemporary, refreshing and dynamic", it is a move onwards from the design of the original Pier lounge, which is now looking a bit careworn. Indeed The Cabin features a cutting edge design so much on the edge of ultra-modern it could also be called achingly trendy. For all its aspirations, the new lounge is separated int more.
Location: Airside near gate 23
Open: 0530-0030

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class
NEWS: Cathay Pacific has re-opened the newly revamped The Pier First Class lounge at the airline's Hong Kong hub. Cathay Pacific has re-opened the newly revamped The Pier First Class lounge at the airline's Hong Kong hub. The more.
Location: Left after Immigration and Security, Southern Concourse level 7
Open: 0530-0005

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific The Wing Business Class
For many passengers the Cathay Pacific The Wing Hong Kong Lounge is the main Cathay Pacific lounge at its hub in Hong Kong. It isn't - but it's really the first one many passengers come to, because of its right at the "root" of the airport. There are two levels to the Wing Lounge Hong Hong. On the ground floor first is to the left, and bu more.
Location: Left after Immigration and Security, near gate 4, level
Open: 0630-0100

Shanghai Airport Guide
Shanghai Cathay Pacific Lounge 68
You find the Cathay Pacific Shanghai lounge directly after security if you turn left, and then up in the lift (or escalator) by gate 68 and at the right there is a small reception desk. The lounge is actually known in Shanghai as Lounge 68. The Cathay Pacific lounge at Shanghai is the classic 'on a balcony within the airport' design, but Cathay Pacific ha more.
Location: Terminal 2, Airside, gate 68
Open: 0600-2015

Tokyo Narita Airport Guide
Tokyo Narita Cathay Pacific Lounge
The Cathay Pacific First and Business class Lounge Tokyo Narita is a small comfortable haven amid the chaos of Terminal 2. It is quite large, with a big wooden screen up the middle, made out of a classic Japanese style box frame. Alas the whole lounge has a kind of down at heel feel, with worn carpet and furnishings. Alas, the lounge isn't really site more.
Location: Airside, Terminal 2, Satellite 1, Upper level
Open: 0700-1800

Kuala Lumpur Airport Guide
Kuala Lumpur Cathay Pacific Lounge
Of all the oneworld lounges at Kuala Lumpur, the Cathay Pacific Kuala Lumpur Lounge is definitely the best for cleanliness, quiet, comfortable seats, and business facilities. It falls down a little in terms of the food, and certainly the bar, but other than that it is the lounge of choice - which is why it tends to be full of refugees from Malaysia Airlin more.
Location: Terminal 1, Concourse C, C21-C27 Mezzanine Level
Open: 0500-2330

Singapore - Changi Airport Guide
Singapore Changi Cathay Pacific Lounge
The new Cathay Pacific Singapore Lounge is on the upper level right after immigration, and mainly overlooks the departures hall, with a small area allowing views over the apron. Similar in style to Cathay Pacific's award-winning lounges at The Pier in Hong Kong, the new lounge provides an understated "living room" environment with designer furniture and more.
Location: Airside, Terminal 4, upper level
Open: 24 hours

Taipei Airport Guide
Taipei Cathay Pacific Lounge
The Cathay Pacific Taiwan Taipei lounge is a pretty standard Cathay lounge, although also pretty big, and so it should be with the vast amount of traffic it gets on the huge number of flights to Hong Kong. At the top of the corridor between the A and D gates, the lounge is airside on the 4th floor of Terminal 1. The Taipei Cathay Pacific lounge is mainl more.
Location: Terminal 1 between the A and D gates
Open: 0430-2030

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Guide
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Cathay Pacific Lounge
NEWS: The brand new Cathay Pacific lounge in Bangkok is now open. Cathay Pacific open new Bangkok lounge. The brand new Cathay Pacific Bangkok Lounge is one of the airline's best new lounges, much larger than most outstation lounges, and seats more.
Location: Airside, Concourse G Departure Hall, Level 3
Open: 0530-0030 (1930 Mon,Wed,Sun)

Paris - Charles De Gaulle Airport Guide
Paris Charles De Gaulle Cathay Pacific Lounge
The new Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport's Terminal 2 is a very good lounge indeed, and a welcome plus to the oneworld lounges at Paris CDG. It is vastly better than the American Airlines Admirals Club n more.
Location: Airside, Terminal 2, between 2A & 2C
Open: 0630-2330

Frankfurt Airport Guide
Frankfurt Cathay Pacific Lounge
The Cathay Pacific Frankfurt Lounge is a combined First and Business Class lounge, and is in effect one large room. It was rebuilt in 2010 with Carrara white marble, and was modelled on the Hong Kong lounges, especially The Wing and The Pier, and as such is looking a little old now. It is found in Terminal 2, opposite Gates E6 to E9, and is 370 squar more.
Location: Opposite security for gates E6-9
Open: 0600-1400 & 1800-2350

London - Heathrow Airport Guide
London Heathrow Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge
Cathay Pacific have recently updated their lounge in London, and brought with it an uprated noodle bar, much better chairs, and more space. Finding the Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge London Heathrow is a bit of a trek, now that the entrance after security has been moved to the extreme left of the terminal, forcing everyone to walk through the Duty more.
Location: Terminal 3, Zone C, up lift
Open: 0830-2200

London Heathrow Cathay Pacific LHR First Class Lounge
Cathay Pacific's BRAND NEW First Class Lounge at London Heathrow Airport features a high-ceiling window wall with a great panoramic view of the apron area, and aircraft at their gates. Most of the seats looking out through the window are singles and ideal if you want to watch the traffic on the Northern runway. Inwards of the windows are three very comfo more.
Location: Terminal 3, Zone C, up lift
Open: 0830-2200

Vancouver Airport Guide
Vancouver Cathay Pacific Lounge
A combined Business and First Class lounge at the western Canadian city, the new noodle bar in the Cathay Pacific lounge at Vancouver is its main attraction, and worth a visit even if you are flying on British Airways. Designed by Studioilse, the London-based design firm led by Ilse Crawford, the new lounge features warm wood veneers and walls, in the s more.
Location: Airside, after security, by gates D66 and D67
Open: 1030-1500 & 2000-0200

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Cathay Pacific Lounges
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