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Air Canada Business Class Lounges

Air Canada has some great lounges for premium passengers. It also has some 'not so good' ones, particularly in regional airports.

Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow

Air Canada Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow

Does business class get lounge access Air Canada?

Yes, Air Canada business class passengers get lounge access Air Canada lounges, so long as you hold an Executive First, or Executive class tickets. Flying Business Class you also get access to the new Air Canada Toronto Signature Lounge, reserved just for Business Class Air Canada passengers.

Do you get lounge access with Air Canada Premium Economy?

Surprisingly, yes, so long as you have a Premium Rouge (Premium Economy) ticket complimentary access to the Maple Leaf Lounge is provided, but it is only available on flights within Canada, and to the U.S. and Sun destinations. You need to purchase when flying to Europe, by buying a Maple Leaf Lounge access pass for CA$25. Not many carriers allow you to do this.

If you are in economy, you can still buy access, but it is much more expensive, as you have to purchase an upgrade from Air Canada rouge's Economy Class to Premium rouge, and then buy Maple Leaf Lounge access.

Can economy class use the lounge on Air Canada?

No. If you are in plain, normal economy class, you get no access if you have no status. However, if you have Frequent Flyer status on Air Canada, there is access, with Super Elite and Elite members of Aeroplan gaining free access (and for a charge, Prestige passengers can also use the lounges). Star alliance Gold passengers are permitted full access.

Can you pay to access Air Canada lounge?

Yes, but either you need to buy a daypass in Premium Economy, for CA$25, or buy a year long membership of the Maple Leaf Club. This other way of gaining access, by buying year long membership, can be really expensive unless you plan to be flying a lot, in which case you'll soon earn Elite membership of Aeroplan and get free access to the lounges anyway.

The three tiers of membership are Canada only for CA$375, North America for $CA496 or Worldwide for CA$665.

Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow

Where are Air Canada lounge locations?

There are dedicated Maple Leaf lounges at Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Québec, Regina, St. John's, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. There are also lounges at outstations including London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Paris (CDG).

Air Canada Maple Leaf Clubs

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Paris - Charles De Gaulle Airport Guide
Paris Charles De Gaulle Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
The Paris CDG Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge is both a pleasant surprise, and also rather dull, and does not feature any view, although there are windows. Located down in the basement, with access via an escalator, it is a nice, clean, uncrowded lounge. There is lot of seating, although the official capacity is only 65. It's split into two long and rela more.

Location: Terminal 2A, after Passport Control, lower level, near Gates A37-A39
Open: 0730-1330

Frankfurt Airport Guide
Frankfurt Air Canada Lounge
The Frankfurt Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge is both fairly new, and a real surprise, with spa-inspired showers, business centre and a bistro with hot and cold food, as well as German and Canadian wines, beers and spirits. Indeed, so much effort has gone into the lounge, for just a couple of flights a day, you wonder why Air Canada didn't just stick with th more.

Location: Airside, after passport control, Terminal 1, Departures Area B.
Open: 0600-2200

London - Heathrow Airport Guide
London Heathrow Air Canada Lounge
The new London Heathrow Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is now open - and a welcome refreshing new lounge it is too. First, however, you need to walk to it. And it is some walk. From check-in and through security, you have to walk through the main part of LHR Terminal 2, down a level, down the escalators to the underground tunnel to T2B, up into the satell more.

Location: Terminal 2, airside, T2B satelitte
Open: 0500-2200

Montreal Airport Guide
Montreal Air Canada Domestic Lounge
There are three Maple Leaf Lounges at Montreal; Domestic, Domestic, and the strange limbo land of the transborder US area. To get from security to the domestic lounge turn right, walk all the way down to the end by gate 47, turn right again down a corridor that only seems to have toilets, left and right, past the exit of domestic security, and you'll be more.

Location: Airside, by gate 4, up stairs
Open: 04:30-22:45

Montreal Air Canada Lounge International
There are three Maple Leaf Lounges at Montreal; Domestic, International, and the strange limbo land of the transborder US area. If you are stuck in transborder, you can't get to any other lounges, however if you are going to International you can call in at the domestic lounge first, before then going into the international area, but once in Internation more.

Location: Terminal 1, level 3
Open: 0530-2330

Vancouver Airport Guide
Vancouver Air Canada International Lounge
The new Maple Leaf Lounge at Vancouver International Airport, designed for International passengers, is a delight, and a vast improvement on the old lounge. The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Vancouver International is a large bright light lounge, with a great view over the runway. It was refurbished a few years ago, and so is one of the new style loun more.

Location: Terminal D, Airside
Open: 100-2300

Vancouver Air Canada Maple Leaf Domestic Lounge
The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Vancouver Domestic is a large, bright lounge with a great view of the gates and the tarmac. It is quite large - seating 170 people - and it needs all that space when the main bulk of the flights Eastwards depart. At times it really can get very busy. The lounge needs a bit of updating and is showing some signs of wear more.

Location: Concourse C by gate 33
Open: 0445-2330

Vancouver Air Canada Transborder Lounge
The Trans-border Maple Leaf Lounge at Vancouver International Airport is one of those rather odd small boxes of a lounge, designed due to a quirk of the immigration requirements. Designed just for those occasional Vancouver to USA flights, it is located in the Trans-border Terminal, after security, and then in Pier E look for a small glass door Between more.

Location: Transborder Terminal, Pier E, Between Gate 84 and 86.
Open: 0600-2015

Toronto Airport Guide
Toronto Air Canada Lounge International
The Air Canada Toronto International Maple Leaf Lounge is a lovely vast lounge for the main hub. Mind you, it is split into small chunks by high wooden barriers, so it seems a lot cosier than it is. You have to walk a long way to get here, and if you are transferring from a domestic flight (remember to get an exit passport stamp at the odd roped off passp more.

Location: Terminal 1, level 3
Open: 0530-2330

Toronto Air Canada Signature Lounge
The brand new Toronto Air Canada Signature Lounge is a remarkable step upwards for the North American carrier. The Air Canada Signature Suite provides premium Air Canada customers with a luxury experience unrivalled in North America that elevates Air Canada into the ranks of leading global carriers for discerning international travellers. The 6,400-s more.

Location: Airside, Terminal 1
Open: 0500-2100

Ottawa Maple Leaf Lounge

After security, extreem left, old terminal Open 0600-2200
Access for Business Class (Executive First), Maple Leaf Club Members, Aeroplan Elite & SuperElite, Gold Star Alliance
Ottawa Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge June 2007 Ottawa Maple Leaf lounge bar

There is a lovely new terminal at Ottawa. It is full of lovely features like a twinkling waterfall, granite flagstones, and cool bars. Alas, the Maple Leaf lounge isn't in this section - it's a long cold hike away in the old bit. With cold sterile Wal-Mart style decor. The lounge is half way in the middle of the section now only used for Jazz flights.

Ottawa Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge June 2007 Ottawa Maple Leaf lounge

The lounge itself is OK, although it gets full to bursting when Ottawa's one daily international flights, to LHR, leaves in late-afternoon. It is a small box, admittedly with great views of the runway from the main section, with a bar on the left, and a business section right at the far end at the left via the strange screened off corridor. There are two TVs in a corner on the left.

The bar has a good wine and beer selection. The beer isn't immediately obvious: open the silver fronted fridge to the right of the bar, and you'll be presented with about racks of the stuff. There's everything from Boddingtons, Guinness, Blue, Canadian. There is a rack of spirits on optics. Being the Capitol, this place is used to hardened drinkers. The wine is equally good, with two whites in a bucket, and two reds on the counter. Beware though, that you aren't allowed to take any booze into the business centre.

Ottawa Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge June 2007 Ottawa Maple Leaf lounge

The magazine rack is to the right of the bar, and is very well stocked indeed. There are also larger numbers of newspapers (all Canadian).

Food is on the opposite side to the bar. There is Soup (the selection changes at 5pm) and a selection of dips with cucumber and carrots. And that's about it.

The business centre has 5 PCs which are all modern and fast with broadband access. There is also (paid-for) wifi access.

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Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges
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