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FlyBE Routes and Schedules

Southampton was the main hub on the FlyBE network. A small tiny airport with a short runway, its an unusual place to base a hub, however now with the takeover of BA Connect, FlyBE actually has more flights out of Gatwick.

A flight takes off for Edinburgh at 1210 and 1740 except on a Saturday at 1235 and Sunday at 1125 and 1800. Belfast has flights in the week at 0845, 1420, and 1945, on a Saturday at 1310, and Sunday at 1540. Dublin gets a fright at 0700 and 1830 except on a Saturday December to March when takeoff is at 1110.

FlyBE 146 Dec 2003 FlyBE BAE146 in latest livery at Dublin

Guernsey has flights at 0750, 1025, 1505, 1740, and 1955 during the week, and Sunday, 0850, 1205, 1850, and 1915 on a Saturday. Jersey has flights at every day 0820, 1105 (not Saturday), 1530, and 1950. Paris at 0845 (except Sunday) and 1820 (except Saturday).

FlyBE Routemap June 2011
FlyBE Routes

From Southampton to Alicante gets a flight on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 0720, Sunday at 0800 (0930 in the winter) and Saturday at 1305. Bergerac takes off at 1305 except on Saturday at 1635. Geneva has a daily flight at 1035. La Rochelle at 1345 Monday to Friday June to October.

Flybe Dash 8 Q400 LBA Nov 2005 Leeds/Bradford Dash 8 at LBA
Malaga at 0755 (1130 on Saturdays April to October). Murcia at 1525 (0625 on Saturdays, and 1615 on Sundays). Perpignan at 1035 every day June to October. Prague at 1715 (0650 on Saturdays). Salzberg at 1125 every day except in November. Ibiza in the summer only, and Toulouse at 1330 (1455 at weekends).

From Birmingham there are routes to Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Perpignan, Salzburg, Toulouse & Shannon. A small hub at Bristol includes Jersey, the Isle of Man, Toulouse, Bergerac, Belfast & Bordeaux. Exeter includes flights to Jersey, Guernsey, Glasgow & Belfast.

FlyBE Dash 8 at Newquay June 2011
FlyBE Dash 8 at Newquay

From Heathrow there are only the codeshare flight to Paris, at 0645, 0815, 0915, 1015, 1115, 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1915, 2015 and 2045.

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