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Adelaide Virgin Australia Lounge
The Virgin Australia Lounge at Adelaide is a small remote outpost, off the main curved corridor, with a view over the carpark. It is one of the older style lounges, and hasn't been revamped for some time. Never the less, it is quite swish, with a central area with typical Virgin Australia armchairs, surrounded by a curved wall. There are also a rack o more.
Location: Airside, opposite gate G18
Open: 0500-2230

Brisbane Airport Guide
Brisbane Virgin Australia My Lounge
The Virgin Australia My Brisbane Lounge is a great, open space, right at the end of the terminal. Too open, perhaps, with not even a glass divider between it and the main waiting area. The lounge is easy to find, but a long walk, located airside close to gate 77 within the airport's international terminal, but right at the end of the international arm. more.
Location: Airside, close to gate 77
Open: 0500-2200

Brisbane Virgin Australia Lounge
As you might expect at the hub of Virgin Australia, Brisbane has a large impressive lounge, which has just undergone a refresh by architect Tim Greer, from Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, and now sports the same clean contemporary design as the Melbourne lounge, plus Premium Entry, a large skylight, and a doubling in size with a 'cling-on' extension on the landsid more.
Location: Airside, domestic terminal, opposite Gate 41
Open: 0500-2230

Canberra Airport Guide
Canberra Virgin Australia Lounge
The Canberra Virgin Australia lounge is huge, stylish, and brand new, being finished in 2013, and sharing the common design and decor with the new Sydney and Melbourne lounge. Indeed, the only issue is it feels rather stark and sterile, and with a menu that is rather like a cheap copy of the Qantas version in the other half of the terminal. Warm and invit more.
Location: Airside, by gate 3, upstairs
Open: 0500-1900 (2145 on Thursday)

Cairns Airport Guide
Cairns Virgin Australia Lounge
The Virgin Australia Cairns lounge is brand sparkling new, enormous, and represents a real touch of luxury up the top end. It has the usual Australian chef Luke Mangan-designed menu, an all-day barista service, a meeting room, decent bar with free wine and beer and business services including complimentary WiFi, power, PC and a printer. The Cairns Virgi more.
Location: Airside, escalator by gate 22
Open: 0440-1655

Melbourne Airport Guide
Melbourne Virgin Australia Lounge
Renovations of the Virgin Australia Lounge at Melbourne are now complete, and what a change it has made. The lounge is now far removed from the old Ansett-inspired space, with vivid colours and timber finishes, and is a light bright lounge with lots of room and crucially, lots of seats. Six hundred of them to be precise. The subtle makeover by Lounge desi more.
Location: Terminal 3, landside, turn left before security
Open: 0500-2230

Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport Guide
Coolangatta Gold Coast Virgin Australia Lounge
The Virgin Australia Gold Coast Lounge is small, and like the airport can also get remarkably busy. Only a few years old, it is done in the latest Virgin style. Seating 135 travellers in 680 square metres of space, it has shares the same clean, contemporary design as its larger Brisbane sibling to the north. There are four distinct zones that make sense more.
Location: Airside, by gate 1&2
Open: 0600-1900

Sydney Airport Guide
Sydney Virgin Australia Business Class Lounge
The Sydney Virgin Australia lounge is huge, stylish, and shows off the common design and dáécor with the other main Virgin lounges. It is great, having received a revamp in 2013, and with a new extension on the top floor opened in 2014. Located in the middle of Terminal 2, you can either use the premium entry (see below) direct from the k more.
Location: Airside, terminal 2, right after security
Open: 0500-2230

Virgin Australia outstation lounge locations

At outstations where Virgin Australia does not have it's own lounge, it uses other airlines lounges or third party lounges.

Loungeindex has more lounge information.

Sydney Airport Guide

Sydney Etihad the House Lounge
The House lounge is the Virgin Australia Sydney Lounge. It is also, we do have to say, very good indeed. more.
Location: Airside, International terminal
Open: 1230-1550, 1830-1950

Los Angeles Airport Guide
Los Angeles Emirates Lounge
Virgin Australian lounge Los Angeles is now the Emirates Lounge. Emirates has opened a brand new lounge at Los Angeles LAX Airport. more.
Location: Airside, TBIT
Open: 1400-2200

Hong Kong Airport Guide

At Hong Kong, Virgin Australia Hong Kong lounge is the Hong Kong airlines lounge.

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Virgin Australia Lounges
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