Malaysia Airlines review

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Malaysia Airlines review
FrequentFlyer Enritch-Skyteam
Fleet 111 (44 long haul)
Seat Pitch Economy 32" (772 only 34") Business: 58" First: 80"
Food Full service
Drink Full service
Lounges Kuala Lumpur
AirlineName First Class
rating 7 out of 10         3.5 Star Rating: really rather good
AirlineName Business Class
rating 5 out of 10         2.5 Star Rating: OK
AirlineName Economy
rating 3 out of 10         1.5 Star Rating: really rather poor
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Malaysia Airlines Review Overview

Rating: 3 out of 10 1.5 Star Rating: Quite poor Reviewed from 124 flights with 479 photos.
NEWS: Malaysia Airlines A380 seating plan has announced. The aircraft will have 494 seats, however MAS has scrapped plans to introduce Premium Economy into it's new A380 Superjumbos from 2012. Instead, they will be in a conventional three class layout, with the space planned for the new "super economy" on the top deck taken up by an additional 70 economy class seats, where there will also be 66 business class seats. On the lower deck there are eight first class seats and 350 economy class seats. The aircraft will first be deployed from Kuala Lumpur to London, with a second in late 2012 allowing for a daily service on this route, and then the third will go onto the Kangaroo route from Sydney, allowing Malaysia Airlines to fly the Airbus A380 from Australia all the way to London.

Malaysia Airlines are very inconsistent airline, with wildly varying levels of service and cleanlines. Some aircraft and lounges are great, with Malaysia Airlines review often highlighting the food on board, however others are distinctly second rate. Malaysia Airlines reviews often make much of it's touted "34 inches of legroom (pitch) in economy class", while only giving this on the Boeing 777 aircraft (and only on some models at that): an aircraft that has no less than 5 seats abreast - less than ideal on a crowded plane. Most passengers on longhaul end up on the Boeing 747, which only offers a 32 inch pitch. ... read more about Malaysia Airlines's seats and fleet.

In particular the Business Class intercontinental service is particularly top notch, however the MAS short haul service is nothing like the long haul service and you can understand why so many Malaysians grumble when they use MAS on short haul for the first time after listening to tourists and business people who arrive long haul saying its the best airline experience. Malaysia Airlines inflight experience.

Malaysia Airlines (or Malaysian Airline System, or even MAS as the company is properly known as) sells tickets which are not particularly cheap, so it isn't exactly a backpackers airline unlike Thai (except for those determined to do the islands of Southern Thailand) and yet a Malaysian Airlines review often notes the cabins are definately not up to scratch, particularly the Entertainment systems, which rate very pooly compared to other airlines. Malaysia Airlines seatback TV details.

The airlines has decent routes for those in London to reach Australia, and here the airline would pick up traffic - if only it could turn around the cabins to encourage more regular travelers. In the premium sector, the lounges again vary from tied but servicable in the Kuala Lumpur Golden Lounge to woeful (in Australia), to the really exceptionally good new lounge at London Heathrow. However few people suffer this - as it is so hard to get access to the lounges via the very poor Frequent Flier scheme, Enrich, where it is very difficult to work up enough status to get access.

So, should you fly on Malysia Airlines? They will certainly get you there, and they are a pretty good mainline airline, but it helps to go prepared for what you'll get on board. Sometimes, it may not be as good as you were expecting; which in turn, may not be much at all.

Malaysia Airlines reviews

Malaysia Boeing 747-400 at Sydney Oct 04 Sydney A typically grubby Malaysian Boeing 747-400 about to leave for Kuala Lumpur

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