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Airline reviews Malaysia Airlines Inflight food

Malaysia Airlines inflight food

Food on Malaysia Airlines is free, plentyful and just about good. Even on short haul flights you will get a choice of two hot meals, regardless of the time of day.

Plastic knives & forks are used on all flights to LHR. Elsewhere they are metal, however the knife is replaced with a plastic one on flights where the destination is Australia.

Longhaul Economy Class - Malaysia Airlines inflight food

Lunch KUL-LHR Dec 2007

Cheese & Beef pasta

Penne pasta with beef and cheese sauce. Salad with beancurd.

Melon balls. A cold roll. Butter. Water

A thoughly revolting concotion, with little to recommend it.

Odd that Malaysian wrap up their rolls in a plastic wrapper - maybe they don't trust how clean their planes are.
Lunch KUL-LHR Dec 2007

Vege Option pasta

Pasta with cheese & tomato sauce, beans, and an unknown fruit.

A tub of Salad. A roll. Chocolate bar.

I think this picture says it all - don't go for the VLML Veggie option on Malaysian.

Even the Salad is basically just a bunch of leaves.
Lunch KUL-LHR Dec 2007


A plain muffin.

Yoghurt. Chocolate bar.

After 12 hours on a plane on the way to KL you do kind of expect, well, something. And sure enough, this is what you get two hours before landing.

There is really little to recommend here.

Shorthaul Economy Class - Malaysia Airlines inflight food

Lunch KUL-HKT Oct 2004

Spaghetti Bolognese

A tub with heated Spaghetti Bolognese, having a layer of lamb mince and tomato sauce, over spaghetti. One olive.

Sponge cake. A tub of water.

This is quite a suprise. After all it looks like an airline meal from the 80s, and indeed it is. However it is a delight to get not only a hot meal on a short one hour flight, but also a choice. This arrived piping hot, and avoided the normal problem of pasta on planes - that it congeals at the bottom of the tub. I was rather bemused as to the reasoning behind the olive however.

The sponge cake desert is a little odd however. It is dry and tasteless.
Lunch HKT-KUL Oct 2004

Chicken with potatoes

A tub with one heated undertermined part of chicken (with skin) 4 roast potatoes, six slices of carrots, eight chunks of lemon.

An apple flan. A tub of water.

This is terrible. A really bad dinner, tough, tasteless, and with no flavour. The chicken isn't bad - although it would be nice to assume the chef didn't just slice a chicken into eight bits and then broil it. It has no flavour - but that's not the main problem. The potatoes themselves are unbelievably tough, but as nothing compared to the carrots. They are hard boiled to the stage where no indent can be made on them with the provided knife. But worse is to come. The chunks of lemon. Lemon as a garnish would be fine, but a pile of it? Yuck.

The apple flan is however very good - the best bit on the tray.

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