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Alitalia have a good reputation for inflight food, however on the shortest of flights it has scrapped free inflight meals for all flights in economy. Trans-Europe there are still basic snacks offered.

Long Haul, you'll get two meals (at the start and end of the flight) and for the first service, there is a choice of two hot dishes, which are put on the same tray (with antipasto, fruit and dessert).

Trans-Europe Business Class - Alitalia inflight food

Alitalia inflight meals FCO-CDG July 2013


Beef Lasagne. Antipasto plate.

Fruit bowl. Hot roll. Cold roll.

This is a pretty decent meal for an hour long flight trans-Europe in business class.

The lasagne isn't that good - half cold, with very stiff pasta - but the anti-pasta plate has some very good mushrooms and a slice of great soft cheese.

Basic fruit bowl, with just one tiny kiwi fruit, four grapes and a slice of pineapple.

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