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Emirates reviews are pretty favourable, with most passengers enjoying the above average Emirates inflight experience, although it can be a little mixed on shorter flights. Emirates Seats which include a great new business class seat, and the Emirates Fleet includes the Boeing 777, which deliveres an uprated experience in all cabins. All seats on the longhaul aircraft have Emirates inflight entertainment seatback TV screens, with AVOD play on demand. There is also Emirates inflight wifi on the Boeing 777. Emirates inflight meals are generally pretty good, and all are complementary. Emirates Drinks are also free on board.
International Business Class
Seat not the best, some old style recliners.
Food good, and with a walk up bar
Lounges great at many locations.
International Economy Class
Seat is OK, but very narrow on the 777.
Entertainment Ok, lots of choice, very US based
Food & Drinks so-so food: not really the best. Free bar.
Aircraft Boeing 777 to be avoided.
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Reviews of Emirates

Rated 4.6 out of 10
From 792 passenger reviews
Recommended by 55% of reviewers (5 for, 4 against, 3 abstain)

Sydney to Paris via Dubai.

8/10 | Economy Longhaul | Boeing 777 | Sydney to Paris - Charles De Gaulle

Great easy check in, and I managed to get my preferred seat, and the staff courteous and helpful. Lounge great in Sydney, good food, with access using my Qantas card. On boarding the cabin crew were amiable add the Seat pitch, padding and leg room are excellent. The recline, though, should have been better. You are served a menu, although you do not get to choose in Economy Class. Alcoholic beverages included. My request for an extra dessert was met with a smile. On way back from Vienna, I flew in the Boeing 777, where there was a narrow seat, but cleanliness, food quality and service qualities are similar to A380. The best part is the Emirates onboard entertainment services. The movie collection is massive and uptodate, the music collection is diverse, however some new onboard video games would be good. The display quality is decent. Navigability and discoverability of content is easy and smooth. In overall terms, Emirates provides one of the best flying experiences for Economy. The only thing that did not work at all is the onboard WiFi, which the staff claimed was not available only for the day.

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