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NEWS: Emirates has opened a new Business and First Class lounge at San Francisco international airport. The lounge is a joint Business and First lounge, and takes all the elements of the standard Dubai lounge, including the large dining area and excellent bar. However Emirates have recently changed the lounge access rules. Now economy class passengers with a Gold Skywards card can no longer bring in a guest. Read the full story... MORE
Emirates Lounge Auckland Dec 2011
The Emirates Lounge comfortable, if beige

Emirates Business and First class lounges are justly famous: both for the ornate gold decoration, and for the way they really try hard to pack customers in. This is less of a problem that it once was, now that Silver cardholders are restricted to a very poor lounge in Dubai, and Gold Skywards members can no longer bring in a guest.

One good thing about The Emirates Lounge is that they are very consistent: every lounge has not only identical facilities, but even the food is the same. This is great in one way: even half way around the world you can be sure of Verve-Cliquot Sparkling Wine, a prawn salad, and big squashy leather armchairs. This can also be a bad thing: the beer, wine, and decor do not reflect the location where you are. You pays your money, and takes your choice, although the choice here is pretty good. The lounges are generally pretty much top-notch in terms of food, with a very good spread laid on for pre-flight dining.

At the Dubai hub there are separate lounges for First, Business Class, and for Skywards top tier members who are on economy tickets. Other than that at most outstations, there is only a combined First and Business Class lounge.

Emirates Business Class lounge Brisbane
Emirates Brisbane Business Class lounge
You get access to the Emirates Lounge with a Business or First Class ticket, and in this class you can invite one guest who is departing on the same Emirates flight in economy. Otherwise, you also get access with a Gold Skywards card, but you can no longer bring in a guest. There is no way to buy access - unless you buy a Business or First Class ticket of course!

Emirates don't like using contract lounges: the airline believe that this debases the product, and as a result there are mainline lounges in many outstations, and the airline is trying hard to install lounges at as many of its locations as it can. Emirates lounge locations are at the Dubai hub, plus outstations including Auckland, Bangkok, Beijing, Birmingham, Brisbane, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Munich, Johannesburg, New York JFK, Kuala Lumpur, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Singapore, Düsseldorf, Manchester, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Zürich.

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Hong Kong Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The Emirates Lounge at Hong Kong airport is large and comfortable, but it hasn't been revamped like other Emirates lounges, and so still has elements of the old 'Dubai Chic' style. The lounge is full of gold, and tan leather armchairs. The Emirates Hong Kong Lounge is at the end of the pier by gate 40. Take the train - or walk - down t ...read more.

Location: Airside, Terminal 1, by gate 40, upper level
Open: 0500-0730, 1530-1800, 1900-0000

Shanghai Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
Compared to all the other 'Generic lounges on a balcony' at Shanghai Airport, the Emirates Lounges is a delight: it is the only real 'dedicated home lounge' of any airline. Emirates had to fight for space for it: which is why it isn't on a balcony, but tucked back inside the main building, but accessed airside. And it is that access is a problem: Emirates ...read more.

Location: By gate 78
Open: 0400-0715 & 2000-2330

Singapore - Changi Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The brand new Emirates Lounge at Singapore Changi airport is once again open, having undergone a five-month long refurbishment, and it's now very much a new style, new class lounge in Emirate's latest design, both for direct flights to Dubai, and for triangular routes that either pop into Colombo on the way, or stop off in Singapore en-route from Sydney. ...read more.

Location: Airside, Terminal 1, upper level
Open: 0500-0130

Colombo, Sri Lanka Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The Emirates Colombo Lounge is a surprising delight at an otherwise rather down at heel airport. Opened by Emirates after it did the splits with Sri Lankan Airlines, it was very much designed as a showcase. Back in 2013 that is, and it still sports the same furniture, as an 'old' style Emirates lounge. Compared to all the other generic lounges on the co ...read more.

Location: After passport control, before security, lift down in central part of terminal.
Open: 24 hours

Paris - Charles De Gaulle Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The new Emirates lounge Paris CDG is in effect on large rectangular room, with racks of 2+2 seating areas. It's got the generic Emirates branding, with wooden panels on the wall, the stone tiles behind the buffet and the classic Rolex five world clocks on the wall near the door, plus a pleasant little stone fountain, with flowing water to encourage everyone ...read more.

Location: Located in Terminal 2A - 2C (inside security). Level 2, connector building between Terminals 2A and
Open: 0800-1100, 1230-1530, 1900-2200

Frankfurt Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The Emirates Lounge Frankfurt is a delight, with all the facilities you expect at an Emirates outstation. True, the lounge is quite old, being opened in July 2006. As you enter at reception, turn right, and there is a corridor with an odd half height glass fence. Over these is a good seating area, with views, alas, of the car park. To your right i ...read more.

Location: After immigration, before security
Open: 0800-1500 & 1800-2150

Munich Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
Newly opened in 2006, this was the first Emirates Lounge in Germany, and it is still one of the best. Quite small, the size is only 640 Square Meters and seating for 100. Lounge decor is standard Emirates, with a Relax Zone featuring comfortable leather-chairs, a business area, and small dining area. The Emirates Munich Lounge was enlarged in August ...read more.

Location: Airside, Terminal 1, Modul C, Level 05
Open: 0800-1030 1230-1540 1900-2200

Rome - Fiumicino Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The brand-new Rome Emirates Lounge has great views over the runway, and vast floor to ceiling windows. The lounge is furnished with Italian marble floors, plus designer blue carpet, Gold Rolex clocks and mahogany room dividers. There are plenty of comfortable leather armchairs and a choice of formal or relaxed seating, with the usual design of Emirate ...read more.

Location: Terminal 3, Level 2, close to gates E22-E24.

Zurich Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The brand-new Zurich Emirates Lounge has great views over the runway, and vast floor to ceiling windows. The lounge is furnished with Italian marble floors, plus designer blue carpet, Gold Rolex clocks and mahogany room dividers. There are plenty of comfortable leather armchairs and a choice of formal or relaxed seating, with the usual design of Emirate ...read more.

Location: Terminal E (inside security). Above Gate E45.
Open: 1000-1400, 1700-2115

London - Heathrow Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The vast London Heathrow Emirates Lounge is either a haven of peace in the busy Terminal 3, or a packed den of freeloaders, munching through the booze for just 60 quid entrance, depending on your point of view. However, with Dubai now the second most popular international destination out of Heathrow, the LHR Emirates lounge always gets a lot of traffic. ...read more.

Location: Terminal 3, airside
Open: 0900-2100

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Guide
Istanbul Emirates Lounge
Emirates new lounge at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport is a joint lounge for first and business class passengers, and it has pretty much identical styling to all of the other lounges. The Emirates lounge Istanbu ...read more.

Location: Airside, left after security
Open: 1330-1930

Dubai Airport Guide
The Emirates Lounge Concourse C
Finding the Emirates lounge Concourse C is your first challenge. There is only a small sign over the door, which is inset from the concourse, so only a few passengers know that the lounge is here. Which makes it odd that it is so insanely busy. It is less a 'secret' retreat, and more an open secret for anyone who is gold or above, and has the misfortune t ...read more.

Location: Concourse C, by gate 11
Open: 24 hours

Emirates Business Lounge A
Emirates largest Business Class lounge in Terminal 3 Concourse A (A gates) is vast, and can be accessed through the four lifts on the side as well as the lifts at the new terminal straight into the reception area. You can tell it's big as soon as you get to the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse A reception area. There are six big desks in a ...read more.

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse A, between gates A1 and A24
Open: 24 Hours

Emirates Business Lounge B
The vast new Dubai Emirates Business Class lounge at Terminal 3, Concourse 2, B gates, cost 8 million pounds to renovate, and occupies most of the top floor of the terminal. If you only have time to visit one lounge after the hassle of going through immigration on a transfer flight into Dubai, try the Emirates Business Class Lounge Concourse B. To get ...read more.

Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B, between gates B16 and B18
Open: 24 Hours

Emirates Business Lounge C
The Dubai Emirates Business Class Lounge, at Concourse C is a rather desolate crammed waiting room which has little to recommend it, other than as a quick pit stop before a flight. Found half way along the C gates area, on the balcony, it is a two level area which is filled with as much seating as could possibly be installed. As you enter at the desk, t ...read more.

Location: Airside, middle of Concourse C
Open: 24 hours

Emirates First Class Lounge A
The Dubai Concourse A Emirates First Class Lounge is the nicest and biggest first class lounge at Dubai, and it is really big, with seating for nearly a thousand first class passengers. To find the lounge, in the middle of Concourse A, head up one level above the main departure concourse ussing the lift (or the stairs if you can face it after the long w ...read more.

Location: Top floor of Concourse A, Terminal 1, Airside
Open: 24 hours

Emirates First Class Lounge B
The Emirates first class lounge in Concourse B is a lovely lounge, and vast too, with seats for nearly 800 First Class passengers. On a busy morning, it seems like all of them are here, and then some. It does however have a great central location, right after the Emirates Chauffeur Drive drop-off point and first class check-in counters, after security a ...read more.

Location: Airside, Terminal 1 concourse B, top floor of terminal
Open: 24 hours

Emirates First Class Lounge C
The small tiny First Class lounge at the C gates, is rarely visited by first class passengers, mainly because it's hard to find and tucked away, half way along the C concourse, which is one of the smallest of the four terminals. It is an OK lounge, with a nice fountain, but really not worth the trek unless you happen to be here. Occupying just one si ...read more.

Location: Airside, T1 Concourse C, far side of balcony
Open: 24 hours

Los Angeles Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
NEWS: Now that Emirates now fly twice daily from LAX to DXB, the Emirates Lounge at Los Angeles Airport TBIT is open all afternoon and evening. LAX Emirates Lounge. Emirates has opened a brand new lounge at Los Angeles LAX Airport. Th ...read more.

Location: Airside, TBIT
Open: 1400-2200

Brisbane Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The Brisbane Emirates lounge is a standard Business Class Emirates outstation lounge, but a good one. It has a couple of unique characteristics. Firstly, it was the first ever lounge Emirates opened outside Dubai, back in 2008. And secondly, it is very large, for an outstation lounge, and was opened at a time when Emirates was hoping to mop up a lot of ...read more.

Location: Airside, far end of pier, above gate 75
Open: 0500-0845 and 2000-0235

Melbourne Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The brand new Emirates Melbourne Lounge is both large - with space for 240 passengers - and sparklingly new, being fully opened in 2017. With vast floor to ceiling windows, a large dining area, and plenty of seats, it is one of the best lounges at the airport. The lounge is at the top of the escalator, and once past the large reception desk you can se ...read more.

Location: Above the escalators near Gate 10 on Level 3

Perth, Australia Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The Emirates lounge in Perth is a pretty standard Emirates lounge, but compared to the rest of the offerings in Perth, particularly in the international terminal, it's brilliant. Once past security, weave through the Duty free shop, left, pass the Qantas Club, and there is the Emirates lounge. You really can't miss it - Perth is that tiny. The Emirates ...read more.

Location: T1, Airside, by Duty Free
Open: 0330-0600, 1000-1245, 1900-2200

Sydney Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The Emirates Lounge in Sydney is down in the basement, at the end of what can be a walk to get to it, now that Sydney Airport have closed the closest entrance and make you walk through the lefthand duty free maze, via the shopping hub, down a long corridor, and then through the second older duty free hub. A maze, it is indeed. Then, in the main part of ...read more.

Location: Terminal 1, airside, lower ground floor
Open: 0400-1000 & 1600-2145

Auckland Airport Guide
Emirates Lounge
The brand new Auckland Emirates Lounge is a huge change from the older lounge (opened in 2003 and closed in 2011 due to massive overcrowding). It now has windows for a start, plus a much larger dining room, many more seats, a bigger business centre, and more showers. Indeed, you may wonder why Emirates needs such a vast lounge in Auckland, which is after ...read more.

Location: Airside, right after duty free, top floor
Open: 1430-1930

Emirates Airline outstation lounge locations

At outstations where Emirates Airline does not have it's own lounge, it uses other airlines lounges or third party lounges.

Loungeindex has more lounge information.

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Emirates Airline Lounges
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