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AirlineName inflight drinks and bar

AirlineName have scrapped free drinks on all services. Even tea and coffee cost 2.30, while cans of Pepsi are 1.60. Wine is 3.90 Sparkling Wine 8, Beer 3.90 Spirits (G+T/Vodka/Whisky/Rum) 3.30.
Wine 3.90
Sparkling Wine 8
Beer 3.90
Spirits (G+T/Vodka/Whisky/Rum) 3.30
Tea / Coffee / Cappuccino 2.30
AirlineName Food

Indeed, forget the delights of a free bar in the sky; drinking on AirlineName can be ruinously expensive. Accordinly you might want to scan some of the special deals that AirlineName offer. One good one is to get 2 beers or 2 wines for 7. This saves 80 pence: small fry, but worth it in the long run.



AirlineName - whisky Glenfiddich Malt Whisky

On some of the routes to Scotland, you'll be hunting for some of the good stuff from north of the border to make the flight go by. Gelnfiddich does just the job - although getting any ice for it to go with can be a struggle.

40.0%. 5cl bottle. 3.30

Gin and Tonic

Gordon's Gin with tonic. It could be worse, far worse.

40.0%. 5cl bottle. 3.30


Great after a long dinner over the Urals on your way to Istanbul, before getting some kip at 38,000 feet.

40.0%. 5cl bottle. 3.30