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Rate your experience on QantasGreat, healthy food in economy
7/10 | Economy Domestic | February 2018

Qantas is one of the few domestic airlines to still offer free food. Their latest menu includes two choices on most flights. I've had the chickpea salad with duck (three small slices) and a good mixed coleslaw with one large but thin slice of roast beef over it.These new choices are both healthy and fresh but also an appropriate size for a meal.

Be careful with your seats
4/10 | Economy Longhaul | June 2017

A pretty dire experience. On checking in, we were offered "better" seats, and we were moved from the middle of the plane (seats which we had chosen well in advance) to seats in the back of the plane which did not recline. Also, we were stuck next to the bathroom, with the lights on throughout the flight and the fully reclined passengers in front of us.

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