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2 reviews. Average passenger rating : 3/10

Rate your experience on MHGood points, bad points, but a flight I'd rather forget
3/10 | Economy Longhaul | August 2017

I started in Bangkok with Malaysia Airlines to Heathrow. Checkin and boarding were fine, if rather chaotic. There were friendly smiles from the flight crew, but once on board, my overall impression was rather disappointing, with a 45minute delay departing from Bangkok, and the appearance of the seats was disgusting.

Cheap, not that good
3/10 | Business Class Longhaul | July 2017

A pretty basic flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. There was no airport lounge and more, and no priority boarding, another point against MH. However, the flight was very cheap.Boarded an Airbus A330. The layout was 221. Seats are large and very comfortable, with a lot of legroom. Pretty good.Ok meal, but very small quantity.

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