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Rate your experience on Virgin Australiaexcellent service but food could be improved
10/10 | Economy Domestic | December 2016

I have recently done a couple of trips with them Adelaide to Brisbane return and have to admit it's great the way they treat people and how young and friendly the air hostesses are.I do miss having standard inflight audio and music services though as I grew up flying mostly Ansett,TAAAUSTRALIANQANTAS in the past before converting to Virgin Australia having pop music or kids channels or love song channels.

Bali flight from sydney
3/10 | Economy Longhaul

I have recently travelled to and from Bali with Virgin Airline. I have travelled Domestic quite a few times also with Virgin. This trip to Bali will definitely be my last with the airline. Food was poor and to fly 6 to 7 hrs with no inflight entertainment is ridiculous, yes you can download app but with only iPhone battery goes flat before the end of movie and unable to recharge phone.

Delayed flight
3/10 | Economy Domestic

Whilst it may not seem much to have experienced a delay and change of gate, I totally get that this can happen. However when it involves a complete change of seat and am mobility affected with no service recovery it really sucks. Further up date, just had to go security check again as went from one side of the terminal to the other so had to have check again, still with the same airline, I guess common sense is not so common anymore.

Virgin have destroyed our honeymoon
0/10 | Economy Longhaul

We recently booked our honeymoon for April 2016 to Vanuatu flying with Virgin Airlines. A couple of weeks after we booked it we heard about the closer of the airport in Vanuatu due to safty concerns and that Virgin have suspended all flights. We rang them as soon as we found out, this over a month ago now, to find out if our honeymoon would be affected.

Trip From Hell.2015
0/10 | Economy Shorthaul | September 2014

10 hours waiting caged up at Coolangata airport for a flight that didnt happen.Oh Yes...2 small children in tow.No food. At midnight got bused 90 minutes out to accomodation. 3 hours later back on a bus ..90 minutes away from airport. NO breakfast. Eventually got on a flight to be told we had to buy the food.

More concerned with your money than providing good customer
1/10 | Economy Shorthaul | June 2014

They are more concerned with your money than providing decent customer service... Unfortunate experience this time around. I chose to fly with them and pay the extra money (compared to the budget airlines) since I have had very good service with Virgin Atlantic, but it seems this level of service does not relate to other branches of the industry.

Wrecked 2 of my cases but wont cover any repairs??
0/10 | Economy Domestic | March 2015

I usually travel with VA but recently have changed my views. The last straw was last night when I got home for a business trip and both of my cases were damaged beyond further use and I was told that there's no way that virgin would cover any repairs to luggage. Even though it was thoroughly obvious that it was done by them.

Got fed on a 20 minute flight
8/10 | Economy Shorthaul | October 2014

Quick hop down to Canberra on a flight which cost me only 89, and still got a beer, wine and something to nibble on.Unexpected perk really good

Woeful value for money. Use Tiger or Jetstar instead basical
1/10 | Economy Domestic | October 2014

Flew SYD-BNE-TSV yesterday, have frequented this route a few time in the last year. Fully flex econ fare. Aircraft from SYD-BNE very old Virgin Blue plane but at least it wasn't one of the Embraer sardine tins VA still using. Flight boarded on time, then sat there fully loaded 25 min after departure time! We arrived in BNE 15 min late, if they had have got away on time perhaps would have landed on time.

Bali to Brisbane
1/10 | Economy Longhaul | March 2014

Due to the cold air of the air conditioning, and the fact of coming from a hot climate, there was no provision for blankets to keep people who were freezing, warm. This is not a big expense, and to be honest, its fine to cut a few corners but come on Virgin, be sensible. I personally wont be flying with them again, and am willing to pay a wee bit extra to get some service.

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