Cathay Pacific passenger reviews
6 reviews. Average passenger rating : 5.5/10

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10/10 | Economy Longhaul | October 2018

Aircraft is really good.Best customer service!Kudos!

Fantastic Y class carrier.
9/10 | Economy Longhaul | December 2017

I had to travel to Australia from the UK at short notice prior to xmas recently. Fares are normally very high at that time of year, and Cathay came out the most "reasonable" of the bunch, given flight times and routing. Despite it being the mad prexmas rush I had a great experience on all 4 sectors. The food was great, the IFE fine with a wide selection of movies and shows.

Cathay Pacific Inflight alcoholic beverages serving limit
3/10 | Economy Longhaul | September 2017

I was told Cathay Pacific has a standing policy of limiting each passenger to two alcoholic drinks in any one hour period. Can anyone confirm that?

Good flight, on time
7/10 | Business Class Longhaul | June 2017

Good flight, on time, good lounge service in Hong Kong, where CX now serve noodle cooked to order. It is good to fly Cathay Pacific in that, on this flight, the plane is of long haul configuration with flat bed seats, and as such is useful for a morning nap. It is good to choose Cathay, which generally offer good service.

Delayed flight
3/10 | Economy Longhaul

Whilst it may not seem much to have experienced a delay and change of gate, I totally get that this can happen. However when it involves a complete change of seat and am mobility affected with no service recovery it really sucks. Further up date, just had to go security check again as went from one side of the terminal to the other so had to have check again, still with the same airline, I guess common sense is not so common anymore.

Very Good Flight, really enjoyed it
1/10 | Economy Longhaul | December 2017

To Hong Kong onboard 777-300ER. The plane barely had 25 passengers, leaving for seat choice to me. The seats were comfortable, wide and clean. The personal TV was big in size and had many options to choose from. It was Ramadan during the time of this flight, so I ordered the take away meal which I ate after we landed and it was delicious.

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