British Airways passenger reviews
2 reviews. Average passenger rating : 5.5/10

Rate your experience on British AirwaysHad a great flight in economy
8/10 | Economy Longhaul | February 2018

I was expecting a rather grim experience on British Airways how wrong I was. The aircraft was a new A380, the legroom was OK, but not exceptional, however the crew were the highlight, very friendly!I was also wowed by the way there was decent, hot food, and with two meals, all free! And free flowing wine not what I'd been led to believe would be the case.

Really bad in Business Class
3/10 | Business Class Shorthaul | June 2017

We flew with 6 of our family to Rome, and, the business class seats are nothing more than in economy. I just could not move in the seats they are so tight. We then learnt from the steward that it's a new configuration that hasn't gone down very well with customers. This once great airline that's gone from the best to the worst in 5 years, and on European routes it's no more than a budget carrier, money is the key driver for BA with customers very last on the list.

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