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1/10 | Economy Longhaul | September 2017

This airline has a nice direct flight from San Francisco to Helsinki, and its aircraft are fairly new and clean. Underneath these positives is a meanspirited attitude by management toward passenger service. The food is horrible. Passengers were informed that schoolchildren designed the meals. A cynical attempt to make bad food less bad? The coffee was bad.

Never again!
4/10 | Economy Longhaul | August 2016

Not possible to adjust temperature at seat! We were seated in row 22 A And C and we were very HOT. People in middle had blankets on. Reading lights didn't work. Entertainment very limited no music available, 2 old tv shows, and a very few awful movies. Paid more money as these were to have more legroom but don't think they did.

Finnair charges rebooking fees if you miss their tight conne
1/10 | Economy Longhaul

Dear friends,I would like to share my experience in Helsinki less than a month ago i.e. May 22,2016. I had a 40 minutes connection between the flights from Moscow to NYC. Because the hand luggage screeners were so slow I did miss that connection. To add insult to injury Finnair slapped me with 125 euros rebooking fee.

Damaged Baggage
6/10 | Business Class Longhaul | February 2014

Flights were fine, damage to baggage was the issue, After reporting damage at Heathrow I wrote to Finnair as follows."Prior to departing Singapore on 05 Feb we booked in four pieces of luggage on AY82 booked through on AY831 from Helsinki to London. Following arrival at Heathrow we found our four bags left unattended by the belt despite the fact no other bags had reached the belt.

Delayed, and lost our bags
1/10 | Economy Longhaul | July 2015

After Finnair changed our flights they forced us to wait at Chicago at 9am instead of 4am, then they lost our luggage! For six days I awaited news of my bags, without any person giving any information. There were a long series of phone calls and emails unanswered.

Finnair disapoints four times
2/10 | Economy Longhaul

We have had 4 long haul flights from Australia. We chose Finnair to visit Finland as it was my husband's birthplace. Thank goodness our relatives and the people of Finland more than made up for the experience of flying with this airline. Food , seats and service were horrible . The next time we visited Finland we arranged our flights so we did not travel with Finnair.

No Class in Business Class
1/10 | Business Class Longhaul | September 2014

HELHGK A340. Purchased business class only to sleep on long onite leg after arduous day of travelling. Seat did not recline. Broken. Frozen in upright. Cabin full. Unable to change. Sat up all night in considerable discomfort. Wrote to Finnair. They replied that as my seat "seemed to be uncomfortable" they would offer me EUR150, later increased to EUR200, compensation.

Finnair to Helsinki and singapore
7/10 | Business Class Longhaul | February 2014

Flew out on the 10th Feb from London HR business class late afternoon. Nice meal and drinks in Cathay Pacific lounge (noodles cooked fresh to order). Airbus A320 with middle seat free as they do not have business class for short haul. Food O.K. and nice crew. food average. Left Helsinki for Singapore at 11.

Smooth and efficient, but no decent movies
5/10 | Economy Longhaul | November 2013

Took Finnair down to Singapore; no problems at checkin with only a short wait, but the airplane was pretty old and tired, with only movies on a loop, and a crew who really didn't seem to want to bother all that much just dumped the food and left us to it, and didn't clear trays for hours.

Very basic hop to Helsinki
3/10 | Economy Shorthaul | October 2013

Not the best airline down the back in economy simple seats, no IFE, and only a basic bread roll for breakfast, and only a slightly larger one for dinner on the way back.Check in was efficient, luggage arrived within minutes, and the plane was on time, so can't really fault it.

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