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Connecting Flight Trouble from Beijing
1/10 | Economy Longhaul | April 2019 - Air China

The worst ever flight. I have booked flight from BOM, India to Washington. The Flight has got postponed but the connecting flight was at the time.This Shows the worst Management of AIR CHINA

Fligiht from London to Atlanta
10/10 | Premium Economy Longhaul | March 2019 - Virgin Atlantic

I would like to say that the Virgin Atlantic flight 103 from London to Atlanta that my wife and I had was excellent. The Service was great and the cabin crew could not have been better. We were seated in premium economy and crew members, Lauren and Louis were wonderful. They are examples of the kind of care and service that Virgin Atlantic has given us with our flights.

reschduled flight
0/10 | Economy Longhaul | November 2018 - Emirates

My flight EK 0810 was reschduled with out any intimation to me. I had rebook by paying once again. Emirates refused to adjust or refund the fare

poor airline poor service
1/10 | Premium Economy Longhaul | November 2018 - Alitalia

alitalia never again you provide shit service on all long flights especially the buenos aires to rome flight. Flight crew doing one drink round before dinner serving dinner and then never see them again. when i wanted anything elso they told me to go to the galley and help yourself. meal trays never collected and pasangers just took them back themselves after the meals ended.

difficulty understanding english
4/10 | Economy Longhaul | January 2019 - Air China

if you speak chinese the cabin crew completly understand if your western dont expect to much or indeed anything because they very often dont speak very fluent in english.having said that the flights are well priced and modern planes,

inflight experience and food quality
3/10 | Economy Longhaul | November 2018 - Virgin Atlantic

Travelled NovDec 2018 to and from Nigeria.I had selected my seat months ahead. On arrival at the checkin desk on 22112018 @ Heathrow, I was told that someone else had expressed preference for the seat because they were in a wheelchair although, the individual "didn't really need it" according to the checkin.

many improvements on this airline
10/10 | Economy Longhaul | May 2017 - Virgin Atlantic

virgin have improved a lot very nice and helpful staff from checkin to boarding. assistance was good as well preboarding the plane. staff helped me to my seat as well as constintly checking up on disabled passangers myself and others to see if i wanted something.special meals get served first as well as many drink refils soft drinks etc.

Sub standard
2/10 | Economy Shorthaul | December 2018 - Air China

I travel a lot(over 50 flightsyr). Travel all Airlines. Air China online check in is the worst! Sometimes can't complete after 1 hr of trying. Also terrible at rewarding points despite entering them at booking & checkin often have to apply for credit. Food is low end compared to other airlines. Planes are usually ok and no issues with flight attendants.

Satisfied Customer
10/10 | Economy Longhaul | October 2018 - Cathay Pacific

Aircraft is really good.Best customer service!Kudos!

Going downhill, no more frills, but still OK
5/10 | Economy Longhaul | October 2018 - Emirates

Emirates are an OK airline, but I wouldn't rave about them any more.The flight get you from A to B, but all the old frills are gone.At Gatwick the staff clearly didn't care much about checking us in, or seating us together.Onboard the service was OK but slow. We only had one drink offered when we got our meal, and I had to walk up to the kitchen to get one about three hours later.