Air Malta Inflight Airline Food

You may get a bit of a shock when you're onboard Air Malta - it's still a full service airline. That means even in the cheap seats you get a full food service. Food on Air Malta will never win any awards, but it's far better than many airlines provide nowadays.

Plastic knives & forks are used on all flights to the UK. Elsewhere they are metal.

In Business Class there is a larger tray, and a service of bread rolls before the food service begins. Alas this service is done without a trolley, so it can be a bit slow past the front row. Drinks are continually topped up, and there is congac on offer after the coffee.

In Economy Class there is free food, on a tray on some flights. It comes round on a trolley (front to back service) as soon as you hit cruising altitude, and is promptly followed by the free bar service. The exact type of meal varies according to the flight length. Flights under 1hr 20 mins just get Orange juice and water. Flights between 1 hr 20 mins and 3 hrs get a Cold Breakfast or a Snack/cold meal. Flights over 3 hrs (or flights to London Heathrow) get a Hot Breakfast or Hot Meal.

Air Malta Economy Class

Malta to LHR Economy Class Food May 2009

Beef & Onions

A tub with half a dozen slices of beef, string beans and fried onion in gravy.

Chocolate Lammington cake. Butter. A Maltese white roll.

Dear oh dear. The presentation of this is woeful: the dish has been slopped around, and the gravy is everywhere.

And yet, it's not half bad. Ok, some potatoes rather than fried onion might have helped, but other than that it's a pretty decent feed.
Malta to LHR Economy Class Food May 2009

Chicken and potatoes

Four thickly cut slices of chicken. Boiled and diced potatoes. Carrots and beans in gravy.

Chocolate Lammington cake. Butter. A Maltese white roll.

Ah, this is more like it. The presentation of this one is pretty good, and the flavour is fantastic.

I love the Lammington cake too - technically, it's a British one, although loved much more by the Australians. However, Air Malta goes for it too.

Air Malta Business Class

LHR to Malta Business Class Food May 2009

The bread service

A basket with a dozen kinds of bread roll, many of which are Maltese specialities

Two Maltese Cross rolls, and two half moons of Turkish rye bread. The Bread Service is an Air Malta Special. The airline is so proud of it, it gets a mention in the inflight magazine, if only because you get to sample many of the Maltese specialities.

The Maltese Cross rolls are great: light and fluffy. I have my reservations about the chunky rye bread however, which could sink a duck at a dozen paces.
LHR to Malta Business Class Food May 2009

Salmon Salad and Turkey Noodles

Smoked Salmon with a slice of lemon and half a pepper. Rocket and onion. An olive.

Slices of turkey on noodles with carrots and brocoli.

Two half slices of fetta cheese with olive leaves and two green olives.

Lime chocolate cake with orange sauce. Butter. Crackers.