Icelandair Food

There is free food on all Icelandair flights, although it is of notoriously variable quality.

Plastic knives & forks are used on all flights, however they are of a plastic type that looks almost like metal, until you try to cut your rubber chicken with them.

For flights to the US from KEF, the food is served on a small plastic tray - really just big enough for the pot of gunk and the roll to sit on. Never mind - the seats and the fold down tray aren't that big either. On these flights you will be offered two choices.

On flights to and from Europe, Icelandair is now replacing trays with "Bento" boxes, with a hot tub of food in a cardbaord box. No choices are offered on these flights. KEF-BOS Dinner, March 2005

Longhaul Dinner - Chicken and rice

Breast of chicken, rice with carrot slivers, in a pool a gravy.

A bowl of salad with a dozen lettuce slices, and a quarter of a tomato. A tube of Italian salad dressing. A square of carrot cake. A white roll (cold), and one packet of icelandic butter.

This is pretty good dinner, and fills a good half hour of the five hour flight to the US. The chicken is tender, and there is plenty of rice. Mixed with carrots, in context it works. It really does.

The salad is worthy of note for being very simple, and yet at 35,000 feet very tasty - I guess the Italian flavoured salad dressing (note the flavoured - it doesn't mean it came from anywhere other than Ohio) gets the credit here.

Even the carrot cake is good - full marks for this simple but worthwhile airline meal. BOS-KEF Lunch, Jan 2005

Dinner - Lasagna

A small tub of Lasagna with beef mince.

A small tub of salmon and coleslaw, with a quarter of lemon. A slab of chocolate cake. A white roll (cold), and one packet of butter.

For a long flight from the US, this is a strangely small meal, that resembles something like a microwave meal for one. Mind you, the pasta is good, with lots of flavour.

The slamon and coleslaw mix is very odd, but works in context, and actually offers more quantity than the lasagna.

The chocolate cake is stunningly good - some of the best that Icelandair ever offers.
KEF-LHR Breakfast Jan 2005

Breakfast - Ommlette

An omlette in a tub with potato squares and tomato sauce.

A white roll (cold), and one packet of butter. A tub of orange juice.

Strangely unsatisfying, this is one of Icelandair's poorest meals.

This is cheap, nasty and a very poor way to fly back from Iceland
LHR-KEF Lunch, JAn 2005

Lunch - Chicken Kiev

A chicken kiev in a bed of pepper gunk.

A Polo chocolate bar, a white roll (cold), and one packet of butter.

This is a bizare start to the land of ice, with the new-style Bento-box having a hot tub added, with chicken.

And yet, it works. The chicken Kiev is fantastic, with loads of flavour in the gunky type sauce. Lovely.

Alas the roll would sink a dunk, it's rock hard, and cold. At least it heats up a bit if you put it on top of the Kiev tin. LHR-KEF Dinner, March 2003

Dinner - Chicken and potato

Braised chicken with a slice of tomato and potato salad with onions in a mayonaise dressing.

A toblerone chocolate bar, a wholebread roll (hot), and one packet of butter.

A very poor start to a very expensive flight to the land of ice.

The chicken is ok, if a bit rubbery, but the potato salad has so little flavour you wonder how long its been sitting on the plane. At least the tomato is crisp and fresh.

Nice toblerone, which almost makes up for the brick hard roll.
KEF - LHR Lunch, March 2003

Lunch - Chicken and rice

Braised chicken with a slice of tomato and rice with peas and mixed spices.

A sandwich chocolate bar, a wholebread roll (hot), and one tub of butter.

Marginally better than the version with potato salad. The chicken is much better from having been toasted in the Icelandic kitchens, and the rice even comes with a bit of flavour. Alas, it's still pretty bland with no real content, and only goes to fill a small hole.

Good chocolate bar, rather like a Penguin. Alas the roll could be used as a dwarf throwing weapon.