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Iberia BCN T1 Schengen Lounge 3.5 Star Rating: jolly good rating 7/10
Barcelona T1 Lounge Food
3 Star Rating: OK, could be better rating 6/10
Barcelona T1 Lounge Drink
3.5 Star Rating: OK rating 7/10
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Terminal 1, airside
Open: 0500-2250 for First & Business Class, Gold & Platinum Iberia Plus and oneworld Emerald & Sapphire

BCN: Barcelona Terminal 1 - Schengen Business Class Lounge

Barcelona Terminal 1 Schengen Business Class Lounge
The Pau Casals Lounge is in a lovely open room looking down on the main shopping centre with a sleeping compartment in the middle, and a bar on the far wall. There are dining chairs arranged around the bar, and a smoking compartment in the far glassed off room. There are two bars in the lounge, one in the middle of the lounge with beer and wine, and cans of soft drink, plus a smaller counter at the far end that has spirits on a tray, and sparkling wine.
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