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Iberia BCN T1 Non-Schengen Lounge 3.5 Star Rating: jolly good rating 7/10
Barcelona T1 Lounge Food
3 Star Rating: OK, could be better rating 6/10
Barcelona T1 Lounge Drink
3.5 Star Rating: OK rating 7/10
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Terminal 1, after passport control
Open: 0700-2200 for First & Business Class, Gold & Platinum Iberia Plus and oneworld Emerald & Sapphire

BCN: Barcelona Terminal 1 - Non-Schengen Business Class Lounge

Barcelona Terminal 1 Non-Schengen Business Class Lounge
The Sala Miró Lounge has great views over the main shopping centre, but very poor ones over the airport: it is very hard to see the planes, and you have to nip down to the shops for that. It is in a lovely open room e with a sleeping compartment in the middle, and a bar on the far wall. The lounge itself is pretty similar in furnishings to the Schengen side. There are deep leather armchairs around the sides with power sockets (euro sockets only) in the tables between the chairs.
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