Airline reviews Iberia Inflight food

Iberia inflight food

Iberia has recently "enhanced" it's inflight service, by turning economy into a low cost carrier. In effect it means you pay for all your food and drink. There is an onboard menu called "Tú Menú". If you want to order anything you must ring the call bell - however the crew will not tell you this.
Sandwich €8
Club Sandwich €7
Nuts €2 Pringles €2.50
Donut €1.50 Muffin €2
Club Sandwich, beer & crisps €9.50
Wine €4 Sparkling Wine €4.50
Heiniken €3
Spirits (G+T/Vodka/Whisky/Rum) €5.50
Tea / Coffee / Cappuccino €1.50
Iberia inflight Food

This service "Tu Menú" is offered on all domestic, European and North Africa services except (due to their duration) flights to Athens, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Dakar, Malabo and Moscow.

Iberia Economy Class food

MAD IBZ Aug 2006

Fast Good Sandwich

A plastic container with two Sanwiches with malted bread.

Each Sandwich contains brie, pork loin, spinach, rocket, anclane sauce, caramelized onions, and sunflower seeds.

This is the special Fast Good Meal deal - where if you get a beer with your sandwich, you also get a "complementary snack".

This looks pretty good - and once you get past the eye-watering cost, actually is. That is, unless you are alergic to the sunflower seeds which are liberally spread over the top of it. And also past the utterly dreadful name, which will raise giggles and have you reaching for a dictionary at the same time.

The "complementary snack" with this meal deal turns out to be a small Twix bar. €10.50 (Sandwich only €8.00)
MAD IBZ Aug 2006

Club Sandwich

A plastic container with three small Club Sanwiches

Each Sandwich contains egg, bacon, lettuce, mayonaise, chicken, and tomato.

This is the special Club Meal deal - where if you get wine with your club, you also get a "complementary snack".

This looks revolting, but it is actually pretty good. As club sandwiches go its never going to win prizes, but there is a lot of content there, and it has that rarest of things - taste. At 35,000 feet.

The "complementary snack" with this meal deal turns out to be a small Snickers bar. €9.50 (Sandwich only €7.00)
MAD IBZ Aug 2006

Ham chiabatta Sandwich

One thin piece of serrano ham, between two very thick pieces of ciabatta.

This is the special Menu Jamon Meal deal - where if you get wine with your club, you also get a "complementary snack".

This looks great, but it's actually revolting. The problem with it is that the bread is very tough: to the stage where it's difficult to get your teeth through it. The thin sliver of ham then turns out to be stringy and tasteless. It's a waste of money.

The "complementary snack" with this meal deal turns out to be a small Twix bar. €8.50 (Sandwich only €6.00)
MAD IBZ Aug 2006

Cheese Sandwich

Two slices of processed cheese in a buttered roll.

Why Iberia are offering this rubbish they only know. It's almost as bad as those people who are mad enough to actually buy it. It's terrible, tough, and tasteless. €4.50

Iberia Business Class Food

Trans-Europe in Business Class on Ibera you will always get a menu listing the delights that will come later, with Spanish on one side, and English on the other. On inter-Europe flights (such as from Madrid to London LHR) there is a choice of two meals. On most domestic flights (even long ones to the Canary Islands) there is no choice.

After the crew have collected the trays you'll see they collect the unused bottles of oil in the galley - consequently the bottle of oil you get may have been pn many, many, trays. LHR MAD Feb 2007

Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder with aromatic fine herbs crust. Blue cheese salad with walnut mache and cherry tomatoes corgette. A "selection" of Spanish cheeses. Tiamisu. Virgin olive oil and a roll.

So this is lamb is it? It's a good job the menu told me, otherwise I'd be left guessing what the tasteless lump of "reconstituted mixed meat" is. It is stunningly unimpressive.

By contrast the salad with it is lovely. There's a rather pointless walnut on top, but otherwise it goes down well, even if it lasts all of 2 minutes.

The menu lists a "choice of Spanish Cheeses". It's such a pity that there is no choice - you just get a lump of "Spanish" French-style Brie.
MAD LPA Feb 2007

Chicken and potatoes

Chicken in poultry juice with baked potatoes. Duck ham salad with pear in syrup mache and orange. A "selection" of Spanish cheeses. Banana and custard cream cake. Virgin olive oil and a roll.

Ah, this is more like it. Not bad for a two hour flight. The chicken is good and tender, with plenty of gravy, and lovely potatoes.

The duck salad is rather pointless, with just three thin slivers of duck, but good rocket.

The Banana cake is really stunning - and a memory of it's flavours will stay with you for a long time.