Aer Lingus Food

Aer Lingus is a very much a low cost airline when it comes to food for flights around Europe. There is a menu at the back of the inflight magazine, and you get what you pay for. Transatlantic there is limited free food.

There is no service at all on the sole domestic flight from Dublin to Shannon. Snack Feb 2006

Hot ham and cheese panini

A panini sandwich, which is toasted.

It contains one layer of ham, between two layers of cheese.

This certainly does the job - particularly if all the early morning full English breakfasts have gone.

You need to order it from the trolley - it is then taken to the galley and heated for you, although if you last to be served on the plane, you'll only have about five minutes to eat it before the plane lands.

Snack Feb 2006

Chicken & Pesto wrap

A light flowery pancake type wrap which has been sliced in two.

It contains diced chicken with mayo mixed with pesto.

This isn't great - if only because all it contains is just lots of diced chicken, mixed up with a little mayo in a pesto sauce.

All in all it looks like something you'd get in a cheap filling station. It tastes like it too.

Snack Feb 2006

Savoury snack pack

One slab of cheddar. One triangle of soft processed cheese.

One packet of two Jacobs crackers. One packet of cheese biscuits.

On the inflight menu card, this looks great - with lots of cheese and biscuits. When you get it, it's a real disapointment. There is very little content, and in reality you could buy this lot for about 50 cents in Tesco.